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Freemax iFree 25 Kit

Freemax does it again. A class leading product at moderate pricing.

It's a starter kit designed for smokers switching to vaping or vapers wanting some "bling" to upgrade to. Available in seven colors: White, Black, Pink, Red, Green, Blue, and Purple.

It works as expected: five clicks on, five clicks off. The round EVOD style button is slightly raised and easy to find.

Unusual in this size of a starter system is the wide bore drip tip. It's a pleasure to vape.

There are two styles available. The picture at the right shows the tank with the adjustable air flow (that's the air flow ring just above the polished section above the fire button).

This is a new product for Freemax – but not a departure from their quality standards.

The atomizer portion is their proven iFree 20 technology, paired with a new Freemax EVOD style battery. It's 650 mAh with a built-in charger port in the bottom. We would recommend getting two for a full day of vaping. You can use one, while the other charges. A really low priced way to switch from smoking.

And, a really low priced way to get some bling into your vape kit.

The atomizer is a bottom fill unit. The connector portion is an eGo style connector and will work with any eGo style battery, not just the Freemax unit. Design and construction also ooze quality. The air flow adjustment on this is a very smooth action with full 360 degree rotation. Air flow can be adjusted for mouth inhales all the way to a full flow for lung inhales too. We've previously reviewed the iFree 20 clearomizer this kit is based on.

The battery itself has both types of connectors: eGo connector and 510 connector. Full compatibility. The fire button is in the EVOD style, and has an LED ring around it. The LED flashes when  powering on and off and also will change colors to indicate charge status. Red means it's time to recharge.

A smoker switching to vaping would easily get a good 5 hours of use before needing a recharge.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it?

Freemax is an up and coming company that is challenging all categories of vaping products. The iFree 20 sets a high for the vaping experience at the entry level end of the market. With this kit, they extend that reach. Yes, it's well worth it. I highly recommend this as a strategy to switch from smoking to vaping, and as an upgrade to start in on sub-ohming. A bonus for vape shops is that this is available in Point-Of-Sale packaging with a flip top lid to reveal ten kits. Nicely packaged.

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