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Starter Kits

We are launching a new section of the website. This will be reviews of full kits that include:

  • Battery
  • Clearomizer (or atomizer)
  • Accessories
  • eLiquid

In short, buying one of these starter kits is all you need as an alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. Just fill the clearomizer with eLiquid and start vaping.

The calculator at the right is useable now. It has approximately values for a typical starter kit. Once we launch this section with full reviews, the prices of the kit will be automatically inserted in the calculator. Until then, feel free to "kick the tires" ...

Vendors: if you have starter kits that you would like featured in this section, contact us. 

Savings Calculator




eLiquid Price


Cigarettes per day

Cigarette Cost (20/Pack)

Annual cigarette cost

Annual vaping cost

Savings Per Day


Savings Calculator

Savings Calculator

Savings Calculator

If you are new to vaping:

* The first year savings include everything at the top (above the line), plus the estimated eLiquid you will use in your first year. After that, it is pure savings (unless you purchase additional vaping gear).
Disclaimer: this savings calculator is for illustration purposes only. It is calculating based on costs and usage that you supply and estimating 30 ml of eLiquid as equivalent to 200 cigarettes approximately.