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Questionnable support from Ehpro / Eciggity

Despite a considerable number of users discussing two separate leaking issues, Ehpro/Eciggity provides nothing but platitudes.

Quite frankly, the assistance from other users responding to these issues is far better than the manufacturer's comments. And, from another user you at least get a sense of someone that cares.

I've exchanged several emails with a support report using the domain ... in every single message, they have totally ignored the leaking issue between the air flow adjustment ring and the metal base of the tank. Totally ignored it.

The image at the right is what they call their "Tip Card" ... you can click it, it will link directly to Eciggity's Zendesk support system.

This is their last recommendation in the emails.

Anyone reading this would miss the point on how to stop the leaking ... yes, use excess wick, but insert it so that it is densely packed in the juice flow holes. I mean densely ... pretty much crammed in there. Once you cram the wick in, lift it up slightly so that there is a gap roughly equivalent to the thickness of a business card between the end of the wick and the bottom of the wick hole.

That resolves the leaking issue through the air flow holes in the base. You'll be able to lay down your mod with the tank vertical and not get any leaking.

But, that does not resolve the leaking between the metal parts ... that is between the top of the air flow adjustment ring and the bottom metal base of the tank. Ehpro/Eciggity totally ignored my repeated requests for a solution. I've even offered an opinion that the O Ring "seal" in this area appears to be a bit too small a diameter to properly seal.

With a continued leak that Ehpro/Eciggity refuse to address, I will have to withdraw any recommendations for this tank.


  • Posted by Eric Meyers on May 9, 2016, 4:08 pm

    Same leaking issue with mine. Leaks slowly between the afc and tank. It's obvious that oring is not designed properly. I even paid $5 for Eciggity to send me an entire new oring bag. It did not fix the problem. It's a shame because the V3 has great flavor.

    It will be sitting on my shelf, possibly forever, unless EHPro puts out new orings for it. For now I'll stick with my quality built Aromamizers.