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Kayfun 3.1 Svoemesto from NYX E-Cigs

The Kayfun 3.1 Svoemesto is a sleek looking stainless steel rebuildable atomizer. You can get it in a brushed or polished look to suit your tastes. This version is made by HCigar and is a one-to-one clone.

The HCigar version of the Kayfun 3.1 Svoemesto is from NYX E-Cig. The HCigar version is packaged in a blue zippered case and includes a clear plastic center portion as well as the stainless steel center portion; a multi-head mini screw driver; a pre-build coil mounted on a strand of silica wick and an alternate drip tip adapter. The blue zipper case is a bit unusual, most clones are packaged in cheaper boxes in a press formed piece of plastic.

The fit and finish on the Kayfun 3.1 is excellent. I know this is a clone, but they sure did a good job on the engineering and build of this device. You can barely tell there are any seams anywhere on it. This HCigar version has excellent threads and are buttery smooth.

The picture at the right shows two units, one with a solid stainless steel tank, the other with a clear tank. There is only one unit in the box, but both the stainless steel and clear inserts are included. You get to choose which look you want for your system. I chose the clear insert, I like seeing how much juice is left. NYX E-Cigs also has a black version that looks fabulous on the Black Stingray mod (and other black color mods).

Included in the package is:

  • The bottom threaded connector base
  • The coil portion with the electrical posts and air flow shaft
  • Two tank inserts to choose from (stainless steel or clear)
  • A coil "chimney" cover with a cover air vent to the mouth piece
  • The top cover
  • A 510 drip tip threaded cap (goes on the top cover, allows you to use any 510 drip tip)
  • And the unique Kayfun style drip tip with threaded bottom
  • Small screw driver

This is quite similar to the previous Kayfun 3.1 Svoemesto I reviewed. The HCigar version seems to be a better build, the threads are smoother and easier to thread on, but it is lacking in spare O rings.

Building the coil

As it comes in the box, the only component that is not on the atomizer is the drip tip. That's to make the packaging a bit smaller and more compact. Disassembly was simple, you essentially take apart the entire unit ... if this is your first time, take pictures so that you can recall how to re-assemble.

Building a coil is not difficult. The most common wire is AWG 32 guage. This is sort of "general purpose" and will build a coil that ranges from 1.2 to 2.4 ohms – the resistance depends more on how many loops you make with the wire. What I did is take a piece organic cotton and measured out about two inches by about one-quarter inch (it should be fairly flat). While measuring, I also measured out about an eight inch length of coil wire. For this HCigar version, I wanted to build a twisted (dual) micro coil and target about 1.5 ohms. I want to be able to use this on regulated Advanced Personal Vaporizers as well as mechanical mods. I took both ends of the wire and tied them together, then gripped them with a pair of vise grips. At the loop end, I inserted a small screwdriver. After spinning the vise grips, I had a nicely done twisted wire. After heating it with an old butane lighter to remove the "springing" effect, I coiled it around a wooden toothpick (0.9 mm) to end up with a 6/7 wrap. I pulsed it and used a reverse tweezer to compress the coil. From the first pulse, I ended up with a coil that was heating beautifully from the center out, absolutely perfect! I need to point out that I did use the flat end of the screwdriver to make sure the coil was not touching the air flow tube and none of the coil wires were touching anything but the power posts.

I then rolled one end of the organic cotton into a point and inserted that through the coil. After screwing on the open chamber for the chimney, I used the toothpick to rearrange the cotton so that it would be sitting beside the power posts closest to the slot that draws in the eLiquid. I then used some eLiquid to prime the coil and get the cotton saturated and put on the chimney top.

This part of the build was much easier than the previous Kayfun review. The power post screws are also buttery smooth threads and easy to loosen and tighten.

I measured the resistance – it worked out to be 1.4 ohms. Quite satisfactory!

You can now put that portion of the atomizer on your battery tube and dry fire to make sure you don't have any hot spots or shorts anywhere.

I then finished the assembly with the bottom stainless steel tank, the clear center portion, and the top stainless steel tank and filled it with "Bubble Gum" eLiquid I just received.

The next part is really counter-intuitive ... I covered the air flow hole (that's the middle one), then I put the top of the tank on and only threaded it about 1 and 1/2 turns. The reason you do this is to prevent any of the eLiquid from leaking into the air flow channels (you are setting up a vacuum within the tank). Then I turned the entire tank upside down, released the air flow hole, and finished tightening the top of the tank. When you uncover the air flow hole, you are allowing all of the eLiquid to go to the bottom (which is now the top of the tank) and any pressure created from finishing the threading of the top will only be air going through the air flow channels. Finishing the threading of the top and putting the tank back right side up completes the vacuum inside the tank – no leaks, no drips, no gurgling.

Screw on the drip tip, and you are ready to vape.

Overall, this took me about 5 minutes. The only tool that I used is a flush side cutter to cut the coil wire initially and to cut the wick material. You can use any side cutters for the wire, and nail clippers for the wick material. There really is no special skill in building a coil or any special tools required.

Now, back to the review

I want to thank NYX E-Cigs for providing the HCigar version of the Kayfun 3.1 Svoemesto. The Kayfun has quickly moved into my list of favorite atomizers. I have tested several types and brands of rebuildable atomizers and the Kayfun is by far the best, with the HCigar version being at the top of the list.

NYX E-Cigs has the Kayfun 3.1 Svoemesto on their website for $49.99. This tank has a 3.5 ml capacity, infinite air flow control, two different styles of tanks, and initial supplies to building at least two coils! With the zipper case and HCigar quality, this is a great value.

Update: The NYX E-Cigs HCigar version of the Kayfun 3.1 Svoemesto is now my main atomizer, and I rank it above all others. I have found this to be very easy to fill ... from start to complete filling takes less time than even a clearomizer. I really like this. HCigar have an excellent product quality and NYX E-Cigs is one of the main suplies in Canada. I originally thought the zipper case that is included with this version was a bit of a gimmick. However, in practice, I use it regularly. I've even built a spare coil and keep it in the case with enough extra cotton to re-wick twice.