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IGO W5 from The Village Vaporette

Youde Technology have a family of atomizers that span rebuildable dripping atomizers, and rebuildable tank based systems. Whether new at rebuilding or been rebuilding for years, Youde have a product for you. I have used the Youde AGA rebuildable tank system and have been thoroughly impressed with the build quality.

The IGO rebuildable dripper systems include the W5 as shown at the right. Made entirely of 304 food grade stainless steel and highly polished.

The Youde AGA and IGO brands have earned a reputation for quality and affordability.

The IGO W5 has a three post setup and is one of the easiest attys to build. You can use it with a single coil or dual coils.

It's a great unit with a 1.8 mm air vent.

Shown at the left is the three post setup. The screws at the top are Philips head. The coil leg inserts, particularly the center positive post, will accommodate up to a three strand 28 mm wire. The coils I built were 26 gauge and I had absolutely no problem inserting the two legs through the center post.

As customary with Youde, no drip tip is included in the package.

The W5 by itself is excellent. When combined with the Crest Cap (shown at the right), it is a power-house combination with excellent air flow that rivals even the most expensive drippers. The combination looks great.

I ended up using 26 guage (0.4 mm) to build two coils for testing purposes. Each coil is an 8/9 wrap around a 3 mm inner core.

As show at the left, I used 100% organic cotton (provided by The Village Vaporette). You need to note that 100% organic cotton isn't pure white. This isn't your pharmacy cotton balls labeled as 100% organic, this is the real stuff. And, it is not pure white (it's not bleached), it is in its natural color.

You can see the wicking as I started it, I wanted a lot of cotton in this deep juice well. The juice well itself is 2.1 mm and that translates into at least 20 draws before needing juice replenished. The inner diameter of the well is 17.9 mm – and I must admit this was a lot easier to build and put in the coils that most tanks I have used. Generous amount of working space. One of the reasons I wanted that filled with cotton is that the coils are above the edge of the juice well. There is no part of the coil that would "sit" in juice, juice has to be wicked to the coil. And, to get maximum wire contact with juice, I also made sure the wicking material was also well represented on the outside of the coil. This setup makes sure I get juice inside the coil and outside the coil – can't get any better coil wire contact than that.

My ohm meter shows at 0.2 ohms for the finished build. It really was in anticipation that I used some custard based juice to staturate the coil and wicking preparing to use this the first time.

At the left, I show the IGO W5 with the original cap sitting atop a V3 Flip clone. An excellent vape, great throat hit, very good cloud production. And flavor that is awesome.

With the second juice fill, I swapped the cap for the Crest Cap as shown at the right. That's when this IGO W5 really hit its stride. The air flow was exceptional. The Crest Cap features adjustable air flow by simply twisting the center barrel while holding the top. You can shut off the air completely or have both air slots wide open – when aligned with the coils, it creates a flavor that is uncomparable. Clouds that really demand a weather man's description. This Crest Cap adds a huge element to the entire experience of vaping with the W5 ... and is 1 mm shorter than the original W5 cap.

Youde products specs show this as an ultra-low voltage drop atomizer with optimal heat dissipation. All I can tell you is that when the power from the mech hits the coils, the W5 frees the flavor from the juice and provides an exceptionally satisfying vape.

So what's the verdict? Is it worth it? As the price shows, this is a great value. Buy the Crest Cap and it becomes a bit high ... but The Village Vaporette have a combo price that make the pair a terrific package and value. Definitely worth having in your vaping gear.

I also encourage you to watch Josh Scheibenpflug's IGO W5 video. The video also covers some of The Village Vaporette's eLiquids.