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13 Heavens 9 Hells RDA

The 13 Heavens 9 Hells RDA box has an incredible number of parts that can be configured into many different looks.

There is one base (image below) with one inner sleeve. 

You get three drip tip styles: a stainless steel wide bore, a black delrin wide bore, and a delrin adapter with an included standard stainless steel 510 connector style. With the adapter, you can use any 510 drip tip.

You also get three different outer sleeves, one in stainless steel, one in copper color, and one in black color. It's the outer sleeve that has the round logo image.

Both the inner sleeve and outer sleeve have generously sized slots for air flow. When rotated these can expose a variety of air flow configurations supporting single or dual coil setups on the build deck.

There is one base with an excellent build deck. You can see it at the left. The center positive has two separate holes, one for each coil. You can see the sizing from the image, they are nicely sized (3 mm each). The positive pin goes through a peek insulator to the 510 connector pin. Although the image doesn't show it that well, the center positive post is silver plated, as is the 510 connector pin.

The screws are the philips type and stainless steel.

This base has one of the deepest juice well I've seen.

You can easily get 25 to 30 drops of juice in there, extending your vape time. 

The build deck is also well done. It's easy to get to the post holes and insert your coils legs. Threads on the posts are very smooth and well machined. The philips head, though, isn't that well done – a philips screwdriver will slip on tightening, be careful with that.

With all RDA's I recommend a full tear down directly from receiving the new RDA in the box. You have to thoroughly clean these to get rid of machine oil used in the manufacturing process. In all my tests and reviews of RDAs, I've found that nearly three-quarters of all RDAs received contained contaminants of some sort, most is machining oil. The most difficult to clean out are the positive and negative posts. They get drilled out and then tapped with threads ... the amount of machining oil in this process is extreme and quite a bit of it remains inside the posts at the bottom. If the manufacturers has used any type of abrasive in the manufacturing process (like sand/glass blasting materials) you can end up with a sludge that has to be removed. My method of cleaning is to use a few drops of dish detergent in a bowl with the hottest water that comes out of your tap. I let it sit for about five minutes and use a thin brush to get to all areas. I then drain the bowl and rinse everything out. I then fill the bowl back up with the hottest water that comes out of a tap and let the parts sit until the water completely cools down – then take a look at the surface of the water. If  you have any chemical look or odor, repeat the cleaning process.

I built two 5/4 micro coils for the initial tests and review. Each worked out to 0.6 ohms resistance, and combined totalled 0.32 ohms. The wicking material is 100% organic cotton. I added 25 drops of E-Liquid. Firing at 36 watts, the flavor was exceptional, cloud generation good. This is with the air flow wide open. At 40 watts, the flavor improved and so did cloud generation. At 50 watts, the power to the coil is very fast, flavor improved again, and cloud generation is oustanding. At 60 watts, flavor is levelled out with perhaps a hint of improvement, and you are starting to generate your own weather system. The clouds are huge.  

Air flow through the sleeve is aimed directly at the coil. The height of the slot pretty well matched the diameter of the coils I built so I expected a good balance between flavor and clouds – and exactly what I got. And, by the way, at full open with the air slots set for a dual coil setup, the round 13 Heaves etched logo in the sleeve is perfectly aligned with the "13 Heavens" text laser etched in the base.

I used the black outer sleeve with the black wide bore tip as shown in the image at the right (the one in the middle at the top). I like that look, but you can pretty much design any look you want to match just about any mod or mood you are in.

The image at the right doesn't show the stainless steel sleeve with all three possible drip tips, but it is a great look as well. If you look at the image, note the slotted heat dissipation slots just below the drip tip. That helps keep your vape cool. So, even with the stainless steel wide bore drip tips, you shouldn't get much heat transfer to the drip tip.

I didn't go beyond 60 watts in my tests. Even at that, I was going through juice at the rate of about 3 ml every 30 minutes. The flavor rendering of the 13 Heavens 9 Hells RDA is exceptionally good.

The box also includes a small spares packet. The spares include: three spare silicone O-rings, top and bottom peek insulator, two coils (I didn't use these), a mini philips screwdriver, four spare post screws, and one spare silver plated 510 connector screw.

The 13 Heavens 9 Hells RDA is well packaged, includes every spare you could possibly need, three outer sleeves in different colors and three different style drip tips.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? Absolutely and without a doubt. Every thread on this device is well machined and butter smooth. There are no machining artifacts, it has been well scrutinized before packing. Each part is packaged in its own plastic "bag". The box is a bit spartan in look, but made of good thick materials. I like the design of the air flow slots on both the inner and outer sleeves. You can adjust these in a myriad of configurations, and the slots have partial round endings that are slightly larger than the slot height. If you adjust those carefully to limit air flow, you can get the inner and outer portion to line up into what looks like a single round hole. My thanks to Canvape for providing this for test and review. I highly recommend it.