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Tugboat Style Drip Tip

What makes this drip tip really interesting is the dual O rings. 

That really stabilizes the drip tip and virtually eliminates any kind of wobbling when on top of an atty.

This is a shorty and wide bore version. The height above the top of the atty is only 12.9 mm. It is fairly short, and the bore is nice a wide. Even that is slightly unusual, wide bore drip tips are usually constrained at the bottom with a smaller diameter hole. But, if you look at the picture above, the bottom hole is wide bore too, with a fairly large hole. The vortex created by the wide bore at the top makes this an ideal vape whether mouth or lung inhales.

You can see the advantage of that with the picture at the right. 

This is a "Tugboat - style" drip tip that features an etched logo. 

Note that it is also serialized. 

It's still a clone, though. I bought a set of five of them, each with a different serial number. The total cost: $6.15 for all five.