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Smok VCT from Canvape

What a time to be vaping. Over the past few months, vapers have benefitted from the release of some incredible clearomizers that provide incredible flavor and vapor production rivalling rebuildable tank system.

These tanks feature glass and silicone seals that are the safest to use.

At the right is the new Smok VCT ... VCT is an acronym that means Vapor Chaser Tank. "Vapor-Chaser" is actually etched on the base, just above the air flow ring shown at the right. 

And ... a play on words ... no need to "chase" ... you catch it with this clearomizer. Huge vapor, huge flavor. This tank is $25.99 from Canvape. Are you kidding? $25.99? Dang, I hope they got lots of inventory, these are going to go fast.

Let's be fair on the price. Comparing this to the Subtank costing nearly twice as much is not fair. The Smok VCT includes a user instruction sheet, a spare glass tank, two sets of replacement seals, and a spare 0.5 ohm coil (plus the one installed in the tank for a total of two coils). There is rumored to be a rebuildable "coil-like" option coming, but it's not included like the one with the KangerTech Subtank – meaning extra cost if you want the rebuildable option.

Smok also have a variety of coils and coil styles to choose from. The one we received for testing and review is called the A1 coil. Here's the choices:

  • A1 Core Coil is a single vertical coil design that features a threaded collar for vapor liquid flow control, you can "dial-in" the preferred flow control based on the viscosity of the vapor liquid you are using. Resistance choices are 0.5 ohm and 1.2 ohm. The A1 is shown at the right.
  • X1 Core Coil is a single horizontal coil design with avialable resistance of 0.5 ohm and 1.2 ohm.
  • X2 Core Coil is a single horizontal coil design ... this is similar to the "regular" styles of coils we are used (as "bottom dual coils").
  • Rebuildable DIY Core Coil is a thread-compatible coil that is a direct replacement for the "convenience" style coils defined above ... where you can build your own coils.

The Smok VCT features adjustable air flow. It's a dual slot system that is very well designed. When the air flow slots are closed, there is absolutely no air flow. And when fully open, you get a generous air flow that even supports "lung inhales". There are two slots, each on opposing sides of the tank.

The air flow control ring is really well implemented. It is "tight" yet turns easily and stays put when you make your air flow selection. As you can see at the left, the air flow control ring is knurled and adds to the overall look of the tank. It's part of the base and can be easily cleaned when needed.

The base itself has very smooth threading. You need to remove the base to refill the vapor liquid or to change the coil. The coil is quite large ... it seems to follow similar designs in the Aspire Atlantis, the KangerTech Subtank and the Freemax Starre. Filling with vapor liquid is quite simple – from any size bottle/tip combination, you can refill the tank easily. The air flow chimney is threaded and you can fill the liquid to near the top of the threads (when the tank is inverted). The base is held in place by the threaded air flow chimney.

At the same time as I received the Smok Vapor-Chaser Tank, I picked up a new Paradise Vapes flavor: Skittles. Gheez, the combination of this tank and this juice is absolutely decadent. Totally and asolutely decadent. I assumed that the juice was spiked and would distort my testing and review ... when I drained the tank completely and switched to my regular juice and flavor, I did not expect the results at all. The flavor from the Smok Vapor-Chaser is incredible. It enhances the flavor of any juice.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? That's a question that shouldn't even be asked. At the price of this unit, buying two or more is worth it. There are now four tanks that are at the top: Aspire Atlantis, KangerTech Subtank, Freemax Starre and now the Smok Vapor-Chaser. All incredible flavor. All incredible vapor production.


  • Posted by LASY SUE-ELLEN EDWARDS on February 18, 2015, 8:39 am