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Sense Herakles

The Sense Herakles is an incredible sub-ohm tank systems. Shown at the right is the box and all contents.

The Sense Herakles is a brushed stainless steel tank featuring glass, silicone seals, and stainless steel parts. The only exception to this is a hybrid wide bore drip tip that is a plastic material (acrylic, I believe) with a stainless steel outer section. The combination limits the heat transfer from the tank to the drip tip. 

Look carefully at the base. Those are air cooling fins to help keep the unit as cool as possible. The design is excellent ... those air cooling fins also conceal the air flow holes. There are two air flow holes, both can be exposed for 100% air flow or covered. The air flow control ring is just above the fins and have detente pins. It's easy to move, and the detente pins keep it in place. 

At the bottom, I was impressed to find a copper 510 connector pin. I've used the Sense Herakles on a variety of devices and haven't had a single problem with connecting to any device. And the threads are buttery smooth. 

The top has a stepped effect with a slight step again to the hybrid wide bore drip tip (shown at right). The top also has an embossed Sense Herakles logo that is unobtrusive. It looks great sitting on any device.

Out of the box, the Sense Herakles has an 0.6Ω resistance coil installed. It's an impressive vape. Although the specs suggest the Sense Herakles can be used from 50 watts to 100 watts, the maximum watts I could get from the 0.6Ω coil was 21 watts. Anything beyond that gave a slightly burned taste to the E-Liquid. It's still an excellent choice to vape though, the flavor is exceptional. I then used the Sense Herakles with the included 0.2Ω resistance coil ... that's punching up the vape experience by far more than one notch. Starting at 50 watts, the 0.2 coil was producing an incredible flavor. That's half the story ... the cloud generation from this tank is immense, rivalling many dripper atomizers. At 75 watts, it's awesome. And, ditto at 100 watts. The vape does get much warmer as you increase the wattage though. And you'll go through juice quickly. I settled in at 40 watts for a thoroughly enjoyable vape.

The coils available are Dual Vertical Coils in 0.2Ω and 0.6Ω resistance. I haven't seen them yet, but Sense have also released an 0.2Ω ohm Ni200 coil for temperature control. One of the distinct advantages of the Sense Herakles is its coil compatibility with Aspire Atlantis coils. That opens the range of coils up quite a bit ... there are quite a few coils from Aspire and other companies available for both the Atlantis v1 and v2. 

I doubt that you can use the Sense Herakles coils on an Atlantis tank though. The Atlantis has threading at the top of the coil, the Sense Herakles does not. 

Filling the tank is the only concern for this tank. The unit I received had the silicone seal stuck to the glass and had to be gently lifted with a small scraping object so that it would not be damaged. I suspect the unit was assembled with the glass still warm and the silicone stuck to the glass from the heat. Not a big deal. The massive center air chimney is quite large with many liquid flow holes in it. It was difficult inserting even a narrow E-Liquid tip in just the right spot to avoid getting liquid into the chimney and get it all in the tank. I did end up with juice in the air flow chimney ... it's something you need to watch out for. 

There are many really high quality sub-ohm tanks in the market. Sense expands that choice with one of the best: the Sense Herakles. This is one tank that will not disappoint and provide an excellent vape experience. 

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

The Sense Herakles is an amazing tank system that is solidly built with quality materials and attention to detail. All of the parts fit together with precision and threads that are all buttery smooth. There are no manufacturing artifacts and the unit was near-perfect out of the box. I am wary of manufacturer specification claims – the Sense Herakles delivers on its published specifications, to the extreme. Even at 100 watts, the Sense Herakles vapes beautifully. That's the extreme, though. This is one tank that satisfies at every vaping level, and provides an option for vapers that like drippers in a convenience. Definitely recommended. My thanks to Total Evapes & Coffee for providing this unit for testing and review. 

What’s in the box?

  • Replacement Sense Herakles Glass Tank
  • Sense Herakles Sub Ohm Tank Atomizer (0.6Ω Coil Head Pre-Installed)
  • Replacement Sense Herakles Sub Ohm Coil Head (0.2Ω)