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Review Kanger Aerotank from NYX E-Cigs


Air flow control clearomizers are starting to show up on the shelves. This is the KangerTech Aerotank that features an airflow control valve as shown at the right. The knurled portion is where you adjust the air flow when you puff.

Unlike other clearomizers, this is a brushed stainless steel look and fits perfectly with mods that are not chromed (see the photo below with the KangerTech Aerotank on my Vamo V5 and read the Vamo V5 review).

The KangerTech Aerotank kit also includes two dual coils. The ones I received in the package were both 2.1 ohms.

It is also important to note that this is a nearly fully sealed unit. The coil, or head, sits inside the airflow control valve. While there obviously is air flow, any leaks would tend to be caught inside the airflow valve. The tank has a 510 threaded fitting and includes: the airflow control base, a glass Pyrex replaceable tank, and a 510 fitted drip tip. There is no glue whatsoever used anywhere on the Aerotank and its all food grade stainless steel construction. The coil itself is a dual bottom coil changeable – it actually is interchangeable with the Protank 3. Capacity of the tank is 2.5 ml. KangerTech recommend that the tank be kept 1/3 full to maintain a vacuum in the tank and avoid leaks. 

The KangerTech Aerotank sitting on top of my Vamo V5. A perfect combination....

I found the airflow valve to be excellent at controlling the volume of air when you draw a puff from the tip. You can choose from an airy draw to a tight draw. The knurled ring is easy to turn, perhaps a bit too easy, and makes the process simple. As easy as it is to turn, I never once moved it out of place just by using the device – changing the air flow, for me at least, has to be a planned action.

The KangerTech clearomizers are my absolute favorite for flavor. They pass long the taste of the eLiquid you put in the tank without introducing any other flavor artifacts. No burning, no "metal" flavor, no residue "oily" flavor, nothing but the eLiquid taste you are expecting. All of the KangerTech clearomizers I have ever used are like this. I also have other KangerTech clearomizers and some leak. Not so with the Aerotank. No leaks, no gurgling, just a smooth perfect vape. 

This is a bottom filling clearomizer, simply unscrew the airflow control valve (with the unit turned upside down). There is a bridge across with two large openings. You can use either a needle tip or a small tip bottle to fill the tank. What I did is fill it until it reached the edge of the stainless steel band and it worked out perfectly.

Tony at NYX E-Cigs handed this to me across the counter at their store in Markham. He also held a bottle of Fresh Strawberry eLiquid so that I could try it right away. That's wasn't nice thing to do ... the Fresh Strawberry eLiquid flavor is so outstanding that it literally took away the awe factor of using the Aerotank. I was taken aback by the Fresh Strawberry. The NIX E-Cig Fresh Strawberry eLiquid experience itself took me back to a drive along Highway 11 and stopping at a fresh fruit market to pick up a few quarts of fresh strawberries. It was just like grabbing a strawberry just as I was getting back in the car and getting that sweet strawberry juice hitting my tongue for the first time in summer. Just awesome, you have to drop by the store and get yourself a bottle of this stuff. It's the first strawberry of summer with each puff.

Sorry to drag away from the Aerotank review ... but that is what it is all about isn't it? We use clearomizers to vaporize the eLiquid that we pick out. We want that flavor to come across and give us taste. That's what the KangerTech delivers ... a pure taste experience. 

I personally prefer convenience over fiddling. I would much rather grab a clearomizer, fill it with eLiquid, put in on the 510 thread and start vaping right away. With the KangerTech Aerotank I achieve just that. No fiddling, no concerns about dripping or leaking, no liquid fall back through the drip tip ... this is a winner!

NYX E-Cigs sells the KangerTech Aerotank for $24.99. Call ahead to make sure they have one in stock for you. I'm sure these will go fast.

By the way, if you order online, use "APREVOST" for the promo code if you spend $75 or more. You'll get 10% off plus you will also get a 15 ml NYX eLiquid of your choice (just put your choice of flavor in the comments section). And, also by the way, I do not make any commission or revenue from this promo code in any way. The kind folks at NYX E-Cigs offer that to users of the website by their choice.