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Freemax Starre Pro

KickButtAndVape is one of the first reviewers to introduce Freemax tanks to vapers. It's been a meteoric rise for the company that makes some of the best tanks and coil systems available. The Freemax Starre Pro shifts gears entirely and introduces temperature control in the mix with an incredible top-filling tank.

The Freemax Starre Pro is shown at the right. When they sent this to us, the brushed stainless steel shown was the only color available. They now also offer the Starre Pro in black as well.

The unit is well packaged and includes the tank as shown with a Ni200 0.25 ohm coil already installed. You also get a second coil at 0.15 ohm resistance. If you lift the soft foam type holder, the user instructions are under that.

The Freemax Starre Pro is top filling with a good functioning design.

First, here is a description of all the components of the tank working our way up from the bottom:

The Airflow Control Base is 22 mm in diameter with two huge air flow slots. The air flow control ring has a limiter and 8 detente positions (although, you can set it between the detente positions if you want). The air flow in this unit is absolutely incredible. The only reason to remove this unit is to replace the coil. Threads are buttery smooth and well machined.

The Coil Head inclluded with the unit is 0.25 ohms. A second coil is included in the box and is 0.15 ohm resistance.  

The Tube Base has brushed stainless steel at each end and is made of borosilicate glass. The glass is heat resistant and breakage resistant. Through the center part is a unique design air flow chimney. When you are top filling with E-Liquid, this air flow chimney will seal off the coil to prevent liquid leakage.

The Rotating Cover and Twist Switch are for E-Liquid top filling. The Twist Switch rotates clockwise and counter clockwise about 90 degrees. Clockwise will be "ON" when it is fully turned. Counter clockwise will be "OFF" when it is fully turned. This is the basis for the liquid leakage prevention. When OFF, the tank is in vaping mode. When ON, the tank is in refilling mode. When you refill the tank, you need to make sure the Twist Switch is turned counter clockwise to the OFF position to vape – if you do not do this, E-Liquid will leak all over the place – particularly through the air flow chimney and out the Airflow Control Base.

The AFC Drip Tip has four holes in it that match holes in the Twist Switch. AFC means Air Flow Control ... you have air flow at the drip tip to help cool the vapor as you vape. I've found these drip tip air flow holes to be near useless and always turn them off. Others swear by them, I find they dilute the vape too much.

The Freemax Starre Pro is an attrative, functional, and very effective atomizer. I am quite pleased that Freemax now produce Ni200 coils. Freemax have been leading the field in sub-ohm coils that render outstanding flavor and incredible clouds. The original Freemax Starre was my go-to tank until temperature control became so widely available. Now that the Starre Pro is available, it is my go-go tank again. 

My only gripe is with the packaging of this product – there was a fair amount of machining oil left in the tank. This is the first time that a convenience tank ended up destroying the flavor in the first two tanks of E-Liquid. The corruptionof the E-Liquid reminds me of the early days of vaping when manufacturers had poor quality control and didn't clean their tanks before packaging. When you get your Starre Pro, take the time to take it all apart and thoroughly clean it with hot water and diswasher detergent with extreme rinsing. I'd treat it like a dripping atomizer and let it sit in hot water until the water cools down and do a final look at the surface of the water to make sure there is no tell-tale chemical rings floating and no odor of chemicals. If there is, repeat the cleaning.

Although the pre-installed coil is rated at 0.25 ohms, my fairly accurate battery reports it as 0.20 ohms. I was able to get an outstanding vape from this coil at 400 F and only 23 watts of power. Freemax got this right again with extreme flavor rendering and cloud generation. Another one "out of the ball park". Get ready for some nic over dose though ... this is so darn good for flavor that you will be vaping like crazy. I was going through 6 to 8 ml's a day.

The Freemax Ni200 coils are packaged individually or in five-packs. They are a great deal, and lower priced than the Atlantis Ni200 coils ... however, in a pinch you can use the Atlantis Ni200 coils in the Freemax Starre Pro. That expands the range of coils that can be used with the Starre Pro to include all the coils from the Starre, Atlantis v1, Atlantis v2, and other "compatibles". 

That means you have your choice of Kanthal and Nickel 200 (Ni200).

And, we can look forward to Titanium coils ... hint, hint.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? Freemax have another winner, another market leader with the Freemax Starre Pro. I have long looked for a top filling tank that works well – the Starre Pro finally achieves that. Top filling is not a marketing ploy, it's a desired feature. I can't tell you how many batteries and tanks that I have had to replace because the threading on the 510 connectors wored out, stripped or cross threaded. With a top filling design, the tank stays in place on the battery and you fill it in place. The slight extra cost of this feature is well worth it, extending the life of both the tank and the battery considerably. Not to mention, the convenience of not having to remove the tank and deal with liquid residues and drops of liquid all over the place from removing the base of the tank. There is no doubt in my mind: this is a must-have tank. To Freemax: please, please ... go back through your manufacturing process and identify the stage where the machining oil needs to be cleaned before packaging. You make one of the best tanks in the world, don't compromise with cheapening out on the cleaning stage ... and keep up the good work, I look forward to each new product you release. You are advancing the cause of vaping.