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Freemax Scylla

This is a review of a pre-release version of the Freemax Scylla tank. The difference between this pre-release and the production version you can buy is the coil. At the time I received this, the standard FGCC (Food Grade Ceramic Coil) was not available. This pre-release version included a Clapton coil. 

This is as a complete a package as you can get. Even the RTA coil is included. 

This is a top-filling tank that holds 4 ml of juice. The top-filling works flawlessly with two generous sized slots ... one is for venting air while you add liquid in the other. The seal is built into the top stainless steel retainer and seals perfectly. 

The design is, well, gorgeous. I like the embossed lines on the base and the top "Freemax" embossing as well. 

You can see the Scylla tank at the left. The base has huge air flow slots. I usually use a tank with the air flow wide open. The Freemax Scylla has such large air flow that I had to turn it down. 

The air flow control ring is buttery smooth to turn and has detente positions. It's easy to turn, yet holds its position preventing inadvertent movement while you vape.

I was also impressed with the drip tip section. The top is actually two parts. The bottom portion is the top filling area and has air "fins" to cool the vape. The notched section is where you grip to twist the top off to fill with E-Liquid. The solid portion you can see at the top is the removable drip tip (you can see it is separated by a white line). The drip tip itself has a massive air flow center to match the massive air flow chimney in the tank. You can use any drip tip you want, but I will stick with this one. The drip tip is brushed stainless steel exterior to match the finish of the Scylla tank and it's inner core is a plastic material – it does not transfer heat from the tank to the tips. 

Above are all the components that make up the Freemax Scylla tank. The second piece (from the left) is the rebuildable coil housing and the third piece is the regular coil (note that the picture does not show the liquid flow properly ... liquid flow holes to the organic cotton is massive). The entire tank can be taken apart for cleaning and all parts fit together with buttery smooth threads.

The rebuildable coil housing is amazing. The design is unique giving you the option of building one coil or dual coils. The coils are one above the other. The first is locked in place with a set of screws that thread into the coil housing base, the second is locked in place with a set of screws that thread into the first set. Freemax have a tutorial video showing how to build single or dual coils for the RTA:

Now it's time for the "in use" portion of the review ...

This is just amazing. Flavor from the Freemax Scylla is absolutely incredible. While it has been difficult in the past to rate one tank system compared to another, I have no issues this time around in saying that the Freemax Scylla produces the best flavor from your E-Liquid ... over any other tank. This is with the available Clapton coil (0.5 ohms). I will be updating this review as soon as Freemax send their new Food Grade Ceramic Coils (FGCC) which promises an even better flavor experience.

As I noted above, the air flow on the Freemax Scylla is huge. I had it set to about 1/3 of its maximum potential and still generated huge clouds. Wide open, I was going through E-Liquid like crazy and generating clouds that blinded my field of vision for some time. And, that was just at 40 watts ... this is just one crazy amazing tank system.

As much as I want to "nurse" this so that the coils last as long as possible, I have been using this as my go-to tank daily now for several weeks. And one coil has lasted this long already. With the ceramic coil in production, this should last 4 to 7 weeks on one single coil. It's consummables that cost the most in vaping: E-Liquid and coils. If you can extend the life of your coils (or make your own), you reduce the overall costs of vaping. With a coil that lasts this long, the value proposition is largely in favor of the Freemax Scylla.

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

I am thoroughly impressed. I've set aside my two previously-favorite tanks (one of them the Crown) in favor of the Freemax Scylla tank. It's not just ahead of the others by a little bit, it's a massive leap forward in tanks. And, by the way, I've given away my Triton 2 and TFV4 ... and keeping the Freemax Scylla. So, do I recommend the Scylla tank? Absolutely, it's an amazing tank worth every cent. Not one down side like others, the seal for top filling is built into the top retainer and not a separate element that you will have to fiddle with to get back in place. The top filling holes are large enough for even glass eye droppers. The lower level of the filling area is a good distance from the top of the air flow chimney and it's unlikely you can make a  mistake and get E-Liquid into the air flow. Just a well designed, well built, tank system that generates amazing flavor and clouds.

What’s in the box?

  • Freemax scylla 4ml tank
  • RTA coil set
  • Replacement glass tube
  • O-ring
  • Manual
  • Gift box