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Aspire Atlantis V2 from NYX E-Cigs

Another first for Aspire. The Aspire Atlantis V2 surpasses many dripper atomizers in air flow, cloud generation, and flavor. It's an awesome tank and an amazing vape. It's the ultimate convenience tank with practical application to the vast majority of vapers whether you like cloud chucking or just your daily average vape to replace those stinkies.

When Aspire launched the sub-ohm tank craze less than one year ago, they were lauded for their innovation and foresight. The first version of the Atlantis Aspire was hailed as the ultimate vaping experience with the only downside being the limited 2 ML capacity of the tank. In every other measurable feature, the Aspire Atlantis surpassed every convenience tank in the market and held that position for quite some time. 

The Atlantis Aspire V2 will do the same.

Kudos to Aspire for heeding vaper's feedback. We asked for larger tanks, they gave us the 5 ML extended tank for the first Atlantis. Now they release V2 with an increased 3 ML capacity that will suit most of us. They have launched a range of resistance for their coils. The Atlantis V2 includes an 0.3 ohm coil and an 0.5 ohm coil. Available is also a 1.0 ohm coil for those of us that don't want to sub-ohm. And even better for ALL of us – the new coils are all organic cotton.

Let's have a more detailed look from the bottom up. At the right is the new base of the Aspire Atlantis V2. There are now two air flow slots on opposing sides of the base. And, absolutely massive. You have your choice of a full slot on both sides, or a half slot on one side and a 3 mm hole on the other. Even on the smaller setting, the air flow is significantly increased from the first version of the Atlantis. Threading on the base is buttery smooth, and I also noticed that taking the base off and threading it back on is easier than the first version. The 510 connector at the base extends slightly past the edge, so you won't have any problems with any battery system out there (you can actually see that in the picture). The air flow control ring turns very smoothly and has detente. When you get it in position, it stays put. You can also choose to set the air flow ring in any position relative to the air flow slots – I tested that and the air flow ring stays put even though at partial settings it isn't in a detente spot.

All of the seals on the tank are all silicone.

It's not just the new tank that is big news, the coils have gone through a major upgrade as well. The big news is that the wicking material is all organic cotton. All of these sub-ohm coils have priming techniques and the Atlantis V2 is no exception. You add about 0.3 to 0.5 ml of juice to a new coil before putting it on the base. You want to make sure that the holes you see at the side show the color of the liquid (or moisture if clear) and then put it on the base. Then let it sit for a few minutes. Start vaping at lower wattage until you are sure you won't get dry hits when increasing the wattage. And, it's worth it. The flavor is exceptional. Mine came with the 0.3 ohm coil pre-installed in the base. I started vaping at 20.0 watts and took it up to 40.0 watts ... what a distinct pleasure. Flavor that is beyond compare. Clouds that you will be amazed at and want to pull out your video camera to capture and challenge the cloud chuckers. The air flow is superb and you can adjust it so that it is tight for mouth inhales or wide open for lung inhales. Once I was satisfied the coil was thoroughly wicked through with vapor liquid, I took it up to 60.0 watts. The coils are rated to handle up to 80 watts – and it was excellent to finally have a convenience tank with replaceable coils that can handle high wattage without dry hits or off taste. And the Atlantis V2 delivers.

The upper portion of the tank is all glass and stainless steel. Aspire kept the embossed tank logo at the top (although it is not as large or deep). And, look at the left, to see the new air flow holes on the top of the tank. That section is where the drip tip goes into. It's fixed to the top and not removable. And, please note, this is not a standard drip tip size. Where the standard 510 opening is 8.5 mm, this is 11.9 mm. The drip tip itself has a silicone seal around it, and the inserting point is 11.8 mm. (That's the same as most drip tips, by the way, where the drip tip is 0.1 mm smaller than the top insert point). You'll notice that there are four holes at the top. Those are air flow holes that add to the overall volume of air you can inhale. That air flow helps to cool the vapor as well. Be aware that standard 510 drip tips will not fit. I also set aside the drip tip and tried vaping without it. It's easy, and the top air flow still works. The air holes are low enough and close to the top surface so that if you vape without the top portion of the drip tip, everything still works perfectly.

You can see the drip tip at the right ... it's massive. It's wide bore all right ... and larger than most wide bore drip tips. Both the top and bottom are massive. 

The overall look of the Aspire Atlantis V2 is great. The design team at Aspire did a really good job matching the air flow "knurling" to the base "knurling". It's a very impressive look. 

Inside the tank, the chimney still has that stepped castle tower look. There is a big difference with V2 though, filling this is a lot easier. There is more space between the edge of the stainless steel chimney and the glass. There also appears to be more space between the end of the chimney and the base. I suspect that is to accommodate liquid flow. And, the liquid flow is just as outstanding as every other feature of this tank. I typically use high VG vapor liquid that I have to thin out with distilled water. That's for better flow to the coil and avoiding partial dry hits. With the Aspire Atlantis V2 testing, I did not dilute the high VG vapor liquid. I used it in its thicker viscosity and had absolutely no problems with vapor liquid flow to the coil. No dry hits at all.

Just when you think you have reached vaping nirvana when you find the supreme tank, along comes with Aspire Atlantis V2 and destroys that thought. The Aspire Atlantis V2 not only gets you to rethink vaping perfection, it raises the bar to an ultimate level. It's going to be amazing watching the competition try to catch up with this new standard. There's something for everyone in this tank. It's not just for cloud chasers that want the benefits of a convenience type tank, it's for Joe Average vaper that wants to just vape and do it without the sub-ohm tag. Aspire have already announced availability of a 1.0 ohm coil and it should be in stores shortly. A tank for all of us.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? I always ask this question at the very end of every test and review article. In this case, I feel kind of stupid even asking it. This isn't a tank that fosters that question, it's a tank that you can't be without. About the only vaper that I wouldn't recommend this to is the beginner. And, that's only because having been there myself, I know the primary consideration is to find something that looks like the cigarette I was trying to get rid of. I wanted a "stealth" vaping device. Once I got that and switched, upgrading was a natural progression: trying to find better flavor, a battery that would last a full day, and then enhanced flavor and clouds. The Aspire Atlantis is an upgrade tank. And, it's the last upgrade you'll need. Get one, and you'll get flavor that is uncomparable. You'll get clouds that are simply not available in any other convenience tank.