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Aspire Atlantis 5 ML tank

We've previously reviewed the Aspire Atlantis tank. There is no doubt it is one of the leading tanks currently available.

When you purchase the Aspire Atlantis, as shown at the right, you get a phenomenal tank with an 0.5 ohm coil ... sub-ohm in a convenience tank. And as you can also see in the image, excellent air flow. The Atlantis rivals many RTA and RBA tank systems in a convenience form factor.

Aspire has built a series of products around this tank, including its popular CF Sub-Ohm battery that delivers up to 40 watts of power to the coils enhancing the flavor, throat hit and vape experience.

Alas, one of the pitfalls was its capacity. At just 2.0 ml, many users had to refill the tanks way too often through the day.

One of the few companies to listen to its users, Aspire has released an upgrade. This tank is a direct replacement for the top of the Aspire Atlantis and upgrades the capacity to 5 ml ... two and a half times more juice.

With this increased capacity most users will get an all day vape without needing refills.

One of the first companies to make this widely available is VapeB2B and we would like to thank them for sending this to us for testing and review.

The Aspire 5 Ml tank is the same glass and stainless steel construction as the 2 ml version.

Other than the increased capacity, nothing else changes. You still get superb quality, superb build, and the stainless steel outer top protects the glass in case of an accidental drop.

I expect Aspire will also release their popular "hollowed" sleeve shortly for this new 5 ml tank ... but it isn't as critical with the Atlantis as it is for the Nautilus and Nautilus Mini. The top of the Atlantis does a good job protecting against glass contact with hard surfaces and is less prone to breakage when accidentally dropped.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? yes, without doubt, this is a must have add-on when you purchase the Aspire Atlantis. I personally think that Aspire should make this the base model and have the 2 ml as the option. Most users that want sub-ohm capacity in a convenience tank will find the 5 ml capacity as a far more desirable feature than the smaller tank. Highly, highly recommended.