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Freemax Silus Mini

I previously reviewed the  Freemax Silus clearomizer. Freemax, a relatively new manufacturer to vaping products, is making giant waves with quality products – products that benchmark among the best and highest rated.

The Freemax Silus Mini is one powerful clearomizer with tremendous value. It uses the same coil as the larger size Freemax Silus (coil is shown below on the left, it is a BDC - Bottom Dual Coil). The larger size Freemax Silus is one powerful vaping device and I had expectations that the Silus Mini would be its equal – just smaller.

With a diameter of 15.0 mm (0.59 in.), it is ideally suited to eGo and EVOD size batteries. It features an outstanding air flow system ... and just as important, is completely sealed from possible leaks into the battery. The outer visible portions of the Freemax Silus Mini are chromed, the inner portions are all stainless steel with silicone seals and O rings. And more good news: the tank is pyrex glass. And, if you want even more good news, the drip tip is identical (and interchangeable) with the larger Freemax Silus: it's a really nice stainless steel that fits perfectly and held in place firmly with an O ring.

The Mini is a bit taller at 51.1 mm (2.05 in.) high without the drip tip. With the drip tip it is 73.1 mm (2.88 in.). The picture at the right isn't the best: the unit has a consistent look (the picture shows it a bit darker at the bottom). You should note that this has a 510 connector only and no "skirt" to cover up eGo style threads. This shouldn't be a problem, the tank is so good it is worth getting a beauty ring to cover those threads (the beauty ring only costs $2.49 at most vape shops).

I've had the pleasure of testing and reviewing the new Aerotank Mini. As a comparison, I would buy the Freemax Silus Mini if offered a choice between the two.

The vaping experience with the Freemax Silus Mini is exceptional ... as it is with the Aerotank Mini. Flavor rendition with both is extremely good. The Freemax Silus Mini produces very nice vapor cloud and the vape is neither too hot nor too cold, it's just perfect.

The Freemax Silus Mini has a capacity of 1.5 ml and has a pyrex glass tank. You can use this with any juice and not worry about cracking. There's also no leaking or gurgling. The coil shown at the left is a bottom dual coil with 1.5 ohms printed on the base. I tested it on several ohm checkers and it is actually 1.6 ohms.

The kit pricing MSRP is US $25. That would include the Freemax Silus Mini clearomizer, a spare coil, and one cone/adapter. That's about half the cost of the Aerotank Mini ...

Every aspect of the Freemax Silus Mini is quality:

  • Stainless steel drip tip
  • Pyrex Glass tank with 1.5 ml capacity
  • Huge coil
  • Adjustable Air Flow with huge dual holes
  • Buttery Smooth Threads
  • Buttery Smooth Air Flow adjustment
  • Top or Bottom fill

It is well engineered and well constructed. Even the drip tip was shipped with a silicone cover. Packaging is just as well thought out ... the Freemax Silus Mini is wrapped in thick foam and packaged in a box. Note there are no instructions or manual with the Silus Mini.

So what's the verdict? Is it worth it? On the Freemax Silus page, I used the term "heartily recommend" ... with the Freemax Silus Mini ... it is slightly different. You HAVE to get one of these. You just haven't tasted your eLiquid like you will with the Silus Mini. It's exceptional and raises the bar and benchmark for clearomizers in this size range. The only other product that even compares is the Aerotank Mini, and this Freemax Silus Mini has an edge on that.

Update: My thanks to Bill who private messages me on Facebook. My apologies, I should have been clearer on the coil ... it is a Bottom Dual Coil.