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Freemax Mini Silus-S

The Freemax Mini Silus-S follows on the heals of the Freemax Silus Mini. This version has a shroud covering a glass tank with a cut out so that you can see the liquid level remainin in the tank.

The picture at the right shows five of the available six colors. Black, Pink, Blue, Red, and Green. The one I tested and reviewed (sixth color) is a Brushed Stainless Steel.

In terms of functionality and performance, you might want to look at the review of the Silus Mini ... the Mini Silus-S is identical except for the shroud covering the glass tank.

The Freemax Mini Silus-S features the same coil they recently released: a Bottom Dual Coil that is absolutely exceptional in its ability to transfer flavor from the Eliquid to a great vape sensation. This coil really adds a significant dimension to your eLiquids – it can turn a hum-drum flavor into a taste treat and enhance the throat hit at the same time.

The Freemax Silus line of clearomizers are all glass tanks. They also feature air flow control. Even the mini size to fit on eGo and EVOD style batteries. The air flow control is very well done. The base has a large slot and the air flow control ring is a really smooth rotating action that exposes the entire slot or any portion of it.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? I have reviewed quite a number of Freemax products and with each successive product I get more and more impressed with this company. The management and engineers are all former senior staff of other vape equipment manufacturers and seem to have "brain-drained" those other companies in joining together and forming Freemax. All the best ideas are all reflecting their new product designs, builds and releases. This Freemax Mini Silus-S breathes new life into the mini clearomizer marketplace and is certainly at the top of the quality range. I know the Freemax products are available in Europe and the United States ... now if only a Canadian company would grab onto Freemax and carry their product in Canada .... hint, hint, wink, wink ....