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iFree20 by Freemax

Many many vapers avoid sub-ohm for a variety of reasons, preferring to stick with the vape device they started vaping with. Typically that's an eGo or Evod system. 

Now Freemax has introduced a tank that features dual vertical coils with organic cotton and a glass tank covered with a colored metal shroud to protect the glass. It's the perfect tank in the round style that is less than 14mm. The colored shroud really protects the glass well, and provides a selection range from a total of 8 colors.

The colors are light blue, green, stainless steel, purple, white, black, and a beige/pinkish color. Have a look at the picture at the top right ... those colors are fairly accurate. But note some impressive features in this size tank and at this price point:

  • two air flow channels that let you dial in the air flow experience YOU want
  • an outstanding wide bore drip tip ... there's actually two styles, the one shown above is a regular wide bore drip tip, there's also an "AFC" version (Air Flow Control).
  • And, it features a 1.5 ml capacity that is really easy to fill (from the bottom)

The coils are 1.5 ohm resistance and designed for 6 to 20 watts. My personal preference was at 7.0 watts. At that resistance, I found the cloud generation absolutely incredible and flavor to be unusually good for a tank this size.

The threads on the Freemax iFree20 are buttery smooth ... all you can see all the seals are silicone (including the drip tip). Kudos to Freemax for making such a safe tank available to the masses.

Despite the excellent air flow channels, I found this to be great for mouth inhales and moderate for lung inhales ... it's perfect for someone in between with a hybrid inhale style or straight mouth inhales. But, you have the ability to dial in any air flow you want to get the vape experience you prefer. 

The picture at the left shows this is an eGo connector style tank. I wanted to use this on the new eLeaf 100w device, so I used the eGo to 510 adapter that came with the eLeaf package. 


So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

Freemax is one impressive company. I was one of the first to review their tanks when they initially launched the company and helped introduce the brand. Every product they have designed to date have been class leaders, rendering incredible flavor and good at cloud generation. They have focused on the sub-ohm market so far, and this iFree20 is aimed at the entry market. And it's a welcome move ... all Freemax tanks are safe to use featuring stainless steel, glass, silicone seals, organic cotton in the coils that are well designed and built. The iFree20 carries on that tradition. I encourage the company to keep it up and I recommend the Freemax iFree20.

What’s in the box?

Complete system including assembled tank with 1.5 ohm coil.


  • Posted by Linda Erickson on October 12, 2015, 9:58 pm

    Nice to see you reviewed this product. Have been trying to find this atomizer in Canada. Any idea who will be carrying this one? I asked Canvape, but they said it was an older tank, and that I was the first to ask about it. They didn't seem to interested. At a loss, to find it in Canada. Any help would be appreciated.

    Reply>> I understand from Freemax that Ibliss is carrying it.