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Aspire ET/ET-S

Aspire clearomizers are becoming a legend. Their Bottom Dual Coil (BDC) technology is vastly superior to any other coil available. Their clearomizers simply do not leak. Only one other brand (iClear by Innokin) vies for top quality with the Aspire BDC clearomizer systems.

In the ET line of products, they have three offerings.

First there is the Aspire ET line. That is shown at the right and available in quite a few colors. I have several of the clear ones, but you can also get translucent: Black, Green, Red, Purple, Blue and (not shown) Yellow. These are a plastic tank with a capacity of nearly 3 ml of liquid. 

The bottom dual coil (BDC) when compared to the standard bottom coil changeable (BCC) is incredible. The flavor and vapor created is just about double. The coil is self contained with no visible wicks. The coil itself has a silicone seal built into the top that perfectly seals to the air flow tube. Air flow is also exact and very well balanced. Not too airy, not too tight.

The tank is 15 mm with a slightly tapered bottom narrowing down to 14 mm. It's a perfect fit on an eGo or EVOD style battery. With the color matching possibilities, you can have an eCig that suits your style.

Until a few days ago, I was unaware that there were two styles of Aspire ET-S clearomizers.

The colors available are the same as the ET line, but the ET-S features a metal jacket around the tank with a slit in the metal jacket so that you can see the amount of eLiquid remaining in the tank. 

What I was unaware of is that the ET-S line is available with either a plastic tank or a glass tank.

There is a slight difference in weight with the glass version slightly heavier. Not too noticeable though, but the glass version can be quite handy for those that use citrus or cinnamon  based eLiquids. There are a few types of eLiquids that have caused damage to plastic tanks. I doubt that would affect the Aspire line, but having glass eliminates the guessing.

The top of the Aspire ET and ET-S clearomizers is not a standard drip tip. The drip tip is formed with the entire threaded top area. I am not aware of any options for these drip tips.

The are two brands of clearomizers that vie for first place by which all other clearomizers are measured and compared. Those are the Aspire clearomizers and the iClear clearomizers. In both of these brands, we are offered premium quality, innovation, leak-free vaping and superb quality. 

If you are in the market for a clearomizer, I highly recommend the Aspire ET and ET-S clearomizers. Great value, great quality.