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KangerTech Subtank Plus

KangerTech has done it again. And better than the competition.

This is the KangerTech Subtank Plus. It looks quite familiar to the rest of the Subtank line. The diameter is identical to the original Subtank, everything else is clearly an improvement.

Many thanks to KangerTech as well for keeping an eye out for loyal users. The KangerTech Subtank Plus uses the same coils – the same proven flavor and vapor generators – as the rest of the Subtank versions.

This will appeal to vapers that use a lot of vapor liquid. We're talking a 7.0 ML capacity ... for many, more than one day of vaping before needing to refill the tank. 

Air flow is as generous, maybe even slightly better, than all the Subtanks. The only fault we could find with the fit and finish of the tank is the threading for the coils. They are a bit on the rough side – but workable.

Included in the box is every part you see in the picture at the left. 

The tank itself, one spare glass replacement piece, two coils (installed is an 0.5 ohm coil) and a spare 1.2 ohm coil, some cotton wicking material, a mini phillips screwdriver, spare coil for the RTA, and the RTA  (rebuildable tank atomizer).

Look closely, that RTA is the same as the Subtank Mini. And easier to build than the RBA that comes with the Subtank. This RTA is about as simple as it gets for making your own coils and wicking. Make your wrap the usual way, leave the coil you built on the wrapping tool, lay it across the air flow channel and slip the coil legs under the screws. No need to curl them around posts, just tighten the screws and you're done. The deck is small, but easy to wick. Also included in the box is a set of black O rings so that you can change the color of the visible portion of the tank to suit your style.

You'll also find some of the industry's best documentation in the box.

This is as complete a tank system as you can get. Choose to use pre-made coils available in various resistance levels to suit regular vaping and sub-ohm vaping, or build your own with a great RBA option included. KangerTech also recently released Ni200 coils. That covers just about every possible style of vaping you can think of. And, if they made a 1.5 ohm coil, the entire range would be covered.

The flavor generated by the KangerTech Subtank Plus is every bit the equivalent of the other Subtank line. Air flow is on par with all sub-ohm tanks, and can be adjusted to also suit the regular coils and even suits vapers that like a tight draw. 

Kanger was the first at the post with a dual system suitable to vapers seeking a convenience tank with a wide choice range of resistance levels for coils. You can see that in the picture at the right. Start with the drip tip on the left. The drip tip is a wide bore unit that fits firmly on top of the tank. It stays put, period. The tank features heat resistant glass and stainless steel. Even the inner liner is made of stainless steel to keep the unit rigid and provide some measure of safety from glass breakage. The base matches the brushed stainless steel of the top portion and features two generous sized slots for air flow. The air flow control ring is a bit on the tight side and dimples in the offset side make it easy to turn. The entire air flow ring works on the basis of detente that you can feel as you turn the ring. The knurling on the base help thread the base onto the tank portion with some very smooth threading. The knurling also helps when adjusting air flow. As pointed out previously, the threading in the center of the base for the coil is a bit rough on the unit we received. We were cautious to avoid cross threading, it is that rough. 

Unlike other tanks, the KangerTech Subtank line up (and the Plus works the same) uses the same tank and base for the RTA coil housing. There is no fiddling removing any part to accommodate this. As small as the base looks, KangerTech have designed this RTA to be very simple to work with. The RTA is in three parts. The top is knurled as you can see at the right and is threaded onto the center sleeve. The center sleeve covers the coil and wicks and is threaded onto the base. You can put the RTA into the center base and then remove the top and sleeve to work on the coil and wicking. As it comes in the box, the RTA has one coil already in place. It is evenly spaced and obviously machine made, but you do get a sense of how to put the coil onto the RTA base and screw it down. Clean it first, then wick, assemble, and prime. And, you are ready to vape. The threading on both the sleeve to base and knurled top to sleeve are very smooth. KangerTech was also one of the first manufacturers to include organic cotton in their pre-made coils and the package of cotton included for the RTA is also organic cotton. 

The 510 connector pin is brass and puts this into high efficiency territory. The positive pin sticks out slightly from the negative threaded part. We had absolutely no problems connecting with any of the devices we tried this on.

Once we finished the tear down, measuring, and weighing, we were ready to sit back and vape this new member of the Subtank line. And, no disappointments here. The KangerTech Subtank Plus is a mixologist's dream. The flavor produced is exactly what the E-Liquid should taste like. Those that like huge vapor clouds will also be pleased with the performance of this tank. Most of us that do tests and reviews here at KickButtAndVape rarely vape more than 3 ML a day. The KangerTech Subtank Plus was so good though, that our reviewer ran through 7 ML in one day. Well, close to 7 ML. Maybe a bit was lost when the reviewer spilled a few drops while priming the RTA.

Overall, this is a worthy addition to the Subtank line. KangerTech is one of the few companies that satisfies the need for clearomizers at every range of the convenience vaper's needs. Adding an RTA is a bonus to those that want to learn how to build their own coils and want it as simple as possible. This isn't a hobby RTA by the way, this rivals the Kayfun for flavor and vapor production, but far easier to work with.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? (note from the reviewer: we are so used to the KickButtAndVape founder's questions at the end of each review, we want to keep it going). Yes, it is worth it. At a price range of $38. to $49. this is a vaper's dream. Particularly vapers that use 3 ML of vapor liquid in a day or more. Everything you need is included, and coils are readily available. What more could you want?