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Freemax Tetra

I made no secret of my admiration of the Cloupor T6. Looking for a complimentary tank, though, has been a challenge. The Aerotank Giant has let me down big time with leaking, gurgling and short lasting coils. Even the new Kanger Bottom Dual Coil lasts only a day or two.

When Freemax contacted me to test and review their new Freemax Tetra, the appeal was not just the size, but their new Bottom Quad Coil (BQC) ...the industry's first quad coil in a convenient pre-made format.

Oh, don't tempt me like this ... hot on the heals of freshly testing the new Aspire Atlantis too.

If you have read my reviews of Freemax glassomizers before, you'll know that I admire their engineering feats – the Aspire Atlantis is just now catching up to the exceptional flavor rendered by the Freemax Bottom Dual Coil. Now this Bottom Quad Coil is just tantalizing.

And, mounted in a "giant" style tank just designed for my favorite advanced personal vaporizer, too.

I filled the tank with about 3 ml of eLiquid and primed it. Priming this coil takes a bit more than a regular coil ... after about 15 inhale/exhale and letting it sit for about 5 minutes, I still ended up with two or three dry hits on initial use. But after that ... gheez, what a treat. The flavor production has no equal, I described it to another reviewer as pretty much the same as putting the eLiquid directly on your tongue. It's exceptional. Throat hit is excellent too – but this coil and tank combination are vapor production machines: create your own cloud system.

As you can see at the top right, this has superb air flow. The air flow control ring and the holes are quite similar to the Aerotank. Five smaller holes (about 1.6 mm) can be exposed entirely or partially to create a custom air flow to suit you. It is not as wide open as a dripper, but satisfying for most vapers. The beauty of this is not only one set of five holes with a wide slit, but TWO. There's air flow on the opposing side as well. There is also a guide with five pips in the tank to indicate where the air flow slot should align. No guessing.

This is all stainless steel with a glass tank and silicone seals everywhere. The drip tip is the only place where rubber O rings are used (dual, by the way) but those do not come into contact with juice. The drip tip is a wide bore style and with the two O rings, sits firmly on the tank with no wobbling or looseness.

The coil that I received is rated at 0.66 ohms – sub-ohming with a pre-made coil. And, Quad horizontal coils too. I ran these at 9.0 watts (drawing 2.4 volts from the battery) and was thoroughly satisfied by the flavor, throat hit, and vapor production. I ran this all the way up to 40 watts with no negative effects at all: no burned taste, whatsoever.

I must point out that this coil is designed around a higher PG/VG ratio. With eLiquid at 70/30, it was a perfect vape. At any higher viscosity, the liquid flow is compromised (likely limited by only two eliquid holes in the coil) and there was some burned taste – especially at longer draws. I suspect that's why Aspire designed their coils with four large liquid flow holes – and I suspect Freemax will modify theirs shortly. Sub-ohm vaping needs lots of air and lots of liquid capacity – there's a lot of coil wire coverage and maximum liquid flow mixed with lots of air is paramount in importance.

Filling the tank of the Freemax Tetra is a dream compared to most. Remove the base and there is a well designed bridge that connects the center air chimney to the outer frame of the tank system. There are generous sized slots to tilt your liquid bottle into and fill. It's pretty simple, and no leaking into the air flow system.

The "comfort" setting with the Freemax Tetra (with the 0.66 ohm coil as it is) is 16.0 watts – even at 9.0 watts this is phenomenal. This is thorough satisfaction: outstanding flavor, outstanding throat hit, and great vapor. I look forward to Freemax's coil modification to increase liquid flow.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? ... can't you tell yet? This surpasses the Aspire Atlantis in flavor and far exceeds it in capacity. It far surpasses the Aerotank Giant in all respects. The only unfortunate aspect – and quite frankly, I can't figure this out – is that the Freemax products are not available in Canada. To our US, UK, Greece, France, (and other areas of the world) ... run out and grab one of these. It's outstanding and a great value. To Canadians: time to ask your vendor why they aren't carrying the Freemax tanks yet. This is something you want in your vape kit. If you can't find it in Canada, check out or