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Kanger Aerotank Giant from NYX E-Cigs

Choices for larger Advanced Personal Vaporizers and Mechanical Mods in the 26650 size range are very limited. We recently tested the Kayfun 28.5 "Giant", and chose not to publish a review on the device (it leaks and gurgles consistently).

Kanger, however, did it right. This is not a rebuildable, rather it uses the new Version 2 Air Flow system and new Bottom Dual Coil that follows hot on the heels of the coil system pioneered by the original Aerotank. That coil became well known for flavor transfer and throat hit. This new version bests that.

The Aerotank Giant is 29.9 mm (1.17 in.) and quite short. Despite its short height, it has a capacity of 4.5 ml. With 26650 devices getting taller and taller, it's nice to have a shorter clearomizer to reduce the overall height. 

At the top right is the Aerotank Giant boxed. This type of boxing is Kanger's new packaging. It is really two boxes. There is an outer box with a window cut out where you can see the product. An inner box slides out the side and has a matching cut out in a "door" panel that swings open to reveal the product and accessories (as you can see at the right).

The Kanger Aerotank Giant kit includes:

  • Kanger Aerotank Giant clearomizer assembled with glass tank and 2.0 ohm coil and "Kayfun" style stainless steel drip tip
  • Stainless Steel alternate tank
  • Spare 2.0 ohm coil

Kanger promote this as a food grade stainless steel. It's a nice finish with a brushed stainless steel look. Of tremendous value to users is Kanger's widespread use of silicone seals instead of plain rubber. Silicone seals will last longer and conform better to anomalies in seams. Silicone also will not react to solvents and chemicals in eLiquids like rubber.

All of the components can be taken apart for cleaning. The drip tip has a silicone O ring and is reminiscent of the Kayfun style of drip tip with a rounded top and wider base for stability. The top unscrews, the tank comes off, and the base is removable. The package includes an alternate tank too, you can choose between the glass tank or the included stainless steel tank. The stainless steel tank has dimples and matches the look and style of the entire unit.

All of the Aerotanks fill from the bottom and the Aerotank Giant is no exception. It has a "bridge" that connects to all parts of the outside stainless steel with very large holes to accommodate any size eLiquid bottle tip. The air flow tube extends above the "bridge" making it difficult to overfill or get eLiquid in the air flow tube.

All of the threading is incredibly smooth and buttery. Disassembling, re-assembling, and removing the base for adding eLiquid is a pleasure.

The Aerotank family of clearomizers have introduced a very nice air flow system to the world of clearomizers. Kanger was not the first company to provide this feature, but they are the first to perfect it. The Aerotank Giant takes it one step further with a very wide slot that can expose up to five air flow holes for free flowing air and can even block out all five holes for no air flow at all. That covers everything from users that like tight draws to full flow. The ring that controls this air flow glides firmly. Because it is firm, it also doesn't not move inadvertently. What you set it at is what you vape at.

The Aerotank Giant is comfortable sitting on top of the largest devices. It's really designed for the 26650 size systems. I used it with these 26650 systems: Hades, Stingray, Seven 22 and Seven 30. With the Seven 22 and Seven 30, they are perfectly flush. On the Hades, it is a bit larger diameter and sticks out just a little bit. On the Stingray, it is a tad smaller – ever so slight, though, and appears to fit perfectly.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? The Aerotank line of clearomizers from Kanger are exceptional. When the first Aerotank first came out, it's only real competitor was the Aspire Nautilus. It was a tough call back then to decide which was the "best" ... the Aerotank won out. With the family of Aerotank clearomizers, there are no clearomizers that can come close to the versatility, safety, and quality. As I write this review, the only other "giant" size atomizer available for 26650 systems is the Kayfun Giant. Without a doubt, the Aerotank Giant is heads-and-shoulders above and leads the market. Finally users of 26650 systems have a clearomizer to match their batteries. An attractive clearomizer that is priced attractively at $39.99 and available now from  NYX E-Cigs. The link is at the top right. 

Update: August 07 2014: I have noticed on three occasions now that the Aerotank starts to gurgle. I continue to vape and the gurgle continues. Put the device down for a few minutes and pick it back up, gurgling is gone. Gurgling doesn't go away like this on any other clearomizer ... so, as a test, the last time the gurgling started, I turned the device about 45 degrees – gurgling stopped immediately. It appears the gurgling is related to how the clearomizer is positioned or tilted ...

Update 2: August 07 2014: FOUND IT! ... The Aerotank Giant when tilted (at any angle it seems) so that the air flow slot is pointing down towards the floor will gurgle. Rotating it so that the air flow slot is facing the sides or top stops the gurgling.