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Joyetech eCab

I was pleasantly surprised to find a Joyetech eCab in the test and review shipment I recently received. The eCab is one of the personal vaporizers that I have received many requests to review. The reason for the requests were not that clear – until I received the package from Joyetech.

As you can see from the image at the far right, the eCab features a replaceable and rechargeable battery. This is unique in this form factor. The battery is a lithium-ion ICR 10440 battery and the box even includes the charger.  The Joyetech eCab I received is white and includes two 360 mAh batteries. A 360 mAh battery should last about 3.5 hours before needing recharging, meaning that with two batteries a user should be able to get about 7 hours of vaping in total. With two batteries, you can be using one to vape and charging the other.

The Joyetech eCab is availale in five different colors:  black, silver, white, red and a light pink.

The package is comprehensive and includes:

  • warranty card (90 day warranty)
  • user manual
  • assembled eCab unit with tank, atomizer, battery tube, and battery end cap
  • two batteries (one black, one gray, both 360 mAh)
  • two spare juice tanks
  • two spare tank caps
  • USB battery charger and wall charger
  • and two atomizers

This is one very nicely balanced device. Everything can be taken apart for cleaning and the tank system is extremely easy to fill. When inverted, this tank is not prone to leaking when you are refilling. That's a major plus in this size of personal vaporizer. The picture at the right shows how simple this is to fill. Just tilt the eCab tank, insert a narrow drip bottle into the center hole and squeeze the bottle. No liquid to squirt all over your hands, no dripping, no leaking. Keep the tank inverted like that and insert the battery tube with the atomizer and start vaping, it's that simple.

Another plus for filling is that the atomizer is separate from the tank. You can see that with the image at the left and you can see where it fits into the eCab from the picture at the far right. Why is this important? The atomizer is the heating element. On clearomizers this is called a "coil". Over time, the heating element needs to be replaced usually because the liquid has contaminated the heating coil portion and it is no longer functioning at peak efficiency. Heating elements are fairly inexpensive, but on clearomizers the heating element is immersed in eLiquid. Joyetech have designed the eCab so that the heating element sits outside of the tank. When you need to replace it, you do not get your hands full of juice and don't have to worry about juice being absorbed into your skin. It is a lot easier, safer, and more practical – and worth every penny of this kit.

 Joyetech first designed this style of tank system and called it the EGO-T (T for "tank"). It's a popular system for those users that look for convenience in their vaping. No muss, no mess ... plus, this type of tank system is color coordinated with the battery tube for a sleeker more attractive look.

The Joyetech eCab works very much like the Joyetech line of battery systems. Five rapid presses on the firing button to power on and power off. A blinking LED system lets you know when the unit is powered on and off. The firing button is flush with the battery tube and has the Joyetech logo imprinted on the chrome portion. The firing button is surrounded by an LED array that emits a very light white color. 

What I like about this is the rechargeable and replaceable battery. One of the frustrations with batteries for vaping is that they only last about 6 to 9 months with regular and continued use. That is because the battery technology wears out and can no longer hold a charge. With the regular eGo and EVOD style batteries, you have to replace the entire unit, meaning full cost. The Joyetech eCab is a game changer – when the battery wears out, just replace the battery at a considerable savings to you. Very well designed. Swapping out the battery is just as simple as filling the juice in the tank. There is a detente pin on each side of the battery tube that you press in and then pull out the end cap. Pull out the battery and put in a freshly charged one, push in the cap and you are all done. No threads to have to manipulate into orientation and screw in, it's a simple push / pull system.

In terms of design and how it works, this is a hands-down winner! But the big question still remains, how does it vape?

This is where it is surprising. Despite its design and technical innovations, the Joyetech eCab is affordable and compares favorably with other similar systems. But, that is where the comparison ends. The vaping experience with the eCab is exceptional. When I test and review personal vaporizers, I always use an eLiquid I am familiar with. Using that eLiquids helps to isolate the device from the eLiquid and it is a lot easier to determine the quality of the device. With the Joyetech eCab, I have been vaping a fruit flavor eLiquid and was astounded at the quality of the eCab transmitting that flavor through the atomizer. It tasted far better on the eCom than any other device I have vaped that eLiquid. Absolutely impressive!

I used the Joyetech on and off for one full week before writing this review. I found the batteries lasted longer than my estimate, averaging 4 to 4.5 hours per charge. The Joyetech eCab is a recommended product.