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Lrider Mini Lambo

Rare to find anywhere in the USA or Canada, the Lrider Mini Lambo is an inexpensive "kit" that includes an eGo style battery, clearomizer, charger, and lanyard. Unlike other eGo style batteries, though, this has not only rechargeable batteries, but replaceable batteries. It is based on a 14500 lithium ion cell, roughly the same size as an 'AA' battery. For the purpose of this review, we will call this the Mini Lambo, but it is also known as the Lrider Robust.

This is a rather unusual kit. Lrider make a "mod" called the Lambo. This is the Mini version of the Lambo, has variable voltage than ranges from 3.0 to 6.0 volts and can be adjusted in 0.1 volt increments. The OLED display is quite nice and easily read in any lighting condition. In addition to displaying voltage, the OLED can also display the clearomizer ohms.

Unlike mods, the battery is manageable and fits nicely in the hand. It is 102.6 mm long (4.04 in.) and 16 mm in diameter (0.63 in.). The diameter is smaller than a 1300 mAh eGo battery and just slightly larger than an 1100 mAh eGo. The height is about 10 mm shorter than a 1300 mAh eGo battery. Compared to an 1100 mAh eGo, the Mini Lambo is 15 mm shorter 2 mm greater in diameter (all eGo are variable as well). This compares very well.

eGo batteries with variable voltage range from 3.2 to 4.8 ... the Mini Lambo ranges from 3.0 to 6.0 volts. Definitely in a class by itself. A powerful variable voltage eGo style, eGo size unit that has 510 and eGo threads. It just can't get more flexible or powerful than this.

The kit includes an Lrider USB charger. The charger is a standard eGo style charger that uses the 510 connector to recharge the battery. But, and an important but ... the 14500 battery is also removable and can be charged in any 14500 charger as well. This means that you can carry a small battery and change them on the fly. Not that you would need it, these 14500 batteries are available up to 700 mAh. You can buy spare batteries anywhere ... the best to get is the Efest AW IMR 700 mAh (a local flea market carries them for $3.95).

The kit is in minimalistic packaging: a clear transparent box with a paper wrapper inside. The paper wrapper is around a thin plastic container that opens to display the Lrider Mini Lambo, the Lrider MT3 Clearomizer, a 600 mAh 14500 battery, an Lrider eGo charger, and an Lrider Lanyard. The instructions are also minimalistic and printed on the paper wrapper. The picture at the left is the fully assembled eCig: Lrider Mini Lambo battery and Lrider MT3 Clearomizer, both in a stainless steel brushed look. It is a very clean look that is precision fit.

Lrider is based in China. The language of the instructions is not perfect english ... so there are a few items I will clarify here:

  1. The instructions include a phrase about turning off the display. This is actually to turn off the unit (press the '-' minus button for 5 seconds, turn it back on the same way - hold for 5 seconds).
  2. In gold foil, there is a recommendation that is hard to read. It says "For best utilizing this unit, we recommend you to use Lrider original battery only!" ... this is a recommendation that you use only the Lrider battery included in the package. The battery is a brand I do not recognize. After a bit of research, I have discovered it is a nickel cobalt magnesium battery. According to posted advertisements, the Efest IMR 14500 700 mAh should work. I plan on trying that out. Note that a 900 mAh 14500 battery that I had functioned, but did the Mini Lambo did not perform at peak efficiency with this battery. It appears there are limitations built into the Mini Lambo restricting some types of 14500 batteries.
  3. There are no instructions for the Clearomizer. The Clearomizer is the Lrider MT3 ... this is Lrider's version of the EVOD Clearomizer and fills from the bottom. The coil is BCC and you can use any EVOD compatible coil for replacements. This should also have the same known problems as the EVOD (leaking from the seal at the lower portion of the air tube) – the MT3 I received in the kit functioned perfectly with no leaks, no gurgling.

When you add the Lrider MT3 to the battery, you get one slick unit that is perfectly balanced ... it is not overly heavy at any end. I also found the actuator switch to be much better positioned than any eGo style battery. The actuator switch is just slightly lower than the OLED screen, roughly one-half way distance from the top and bottom of the battery. It sits in a comfortable position for access while holding the unit in your hand.

I had absolutely no problem using the adjustable voltage feature. Changing the voltage is in 0.1 increments and requires a button push for each increment. You cannot make a mistake and hold the button too long and have the voltage change, it takes one button press for each increment. I did find, though, the Mini Lambo has very little difference in vaping from 4.3 to 6.0 volts. There really is no perceptible voltage increase, no real vapor increase. It is either really smooth with the included MT3 Clearomizer or is not reporting the voltage correctly.

This unit is available as a complete kit and a great value. These are hard to find anywhere in the USA or in Canada. I sourced this one through Ebay.

Update: I have been using the Mini Lambo with an Efest 700 mAh V2 battery. This is IMR technology high-drain and works quite nicely with the Mini Lambo. I am not sure what the difference is between the Efest and the battery included with the Mini Lambo, but I seem to be getting quite a bit longer vaping time with the Mini Lambo and Efest battery combination. For example, after two hours of use with the Efest, it still shows 4.1 volts remaining.


  • Posted by Mark Timblin on June 20, 2015, 9:45 am

    I have the mini Lambo, it is a great little mod, I use a variety of different batteries in mine. I find the USB type charger to be lacking, it works, but even plugging it into a wall adapter it takes forever to charge. I put my batteries into my Efest LUC 4 charger and have the batteries charged in under an hour. I like the size, the simplicity, and the power. I can crank my mini up to about 4.2 volts and use my mini Nautilus with my juice du jour.