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Vapeonly vMecha

The Vapeonly vMecha has features not available with most mechanical devices. This features reverse threaded locking bottom fire button ring, adjustable airflow control ring, recessed 510/eGo connection, and a removable trim ring.

The vMecha has a telescoping tube for use with any 18 series battery (18350, 18490/18500, & 18650). When I ordered this unit, I also ordered a couple of 18500 batteries and the Smoktech Kick to test and review with the Vapeonly vMecha. The Smoketech Kick will work with 18350, 18490/18500 batteries on this device (it will not work with 18650 batteries).

The Vapeonly vMecha is completely compatible with any atomizer/clearomizer/tank that has a 510 or eGo threaded connection.

  • Fully Mechanical
  • Accommodates 18350, 18490, 18500 and 18650 batteries (18650 will not fit with kick installed)
  • Flat or Button top batteries
  • Adjustable Air Flow Ring
  • Locking button-fire ring
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Low Voltage loss from firing button, ~0.01v
  • 510 / eGo connection (any 510 or eGo threaded device)

The package includes:

  • Anyvape vMecha Device
  • User Manual
  • Velvet Pouch
  • Gift box

When I wanted to use this, I was impressed with the packaging. It is a nice gift box that includes a velvet carry pouch. The user manual is a fold out type "booklet" with six panels (three panels, two sided) but it complete. This is a mechanical device, there isn't much complication to using it. The air flow function on the tube itself will only work with tanks that have a flat bottom and are seated directly on the beauty ring. There is a hard short protection function (a fuse circuit) to protect the battery against a hard short and to prevent the hot spring from collapsing.

My first test was to use this with an 18500 freshly charged battery. I inserted that, and put a 1.8 ohm clearomizer on the 510 thread. Wow! Even without the Kick, this device pumps out a lot of power. The vaping experience with this is beyond my expectations. I really was expecting to get about the same as with a fixed capacity eGo battery. I ended up with a lot more than that.

I immediately put the Smoktech Kick in the device. The Smoktech has a spring loaded pin on the site and must be inserted first. Since the vMecha only has a screw thread on the bottom, the Smoktech has to travel the entire length of the tube to install properly. The easiest way to accomplish this is to get it into the tube opening and use the battery to insert it the rest of the way. I preset the wattage to 12 watts to get maximum effect (I will be adjusting this down after making sure it works). Unbelievable vaping experience! The Smoktech Kick adds 16.66 mm to the overall length (0.66 in.) (note: the picture below, and to the left, is not the extension with the vMecha, that is with an 18650 battery only).

The machining of the tube is very well done. All of the threads are butter smooth. The bottom battery cap and firing button just glide on as all other threaded parts do. The firing button is spring loaded, but so well balanced and fit perfectly that applying pressure on any part of the firing button glide it smoothly to firing position. Releasing the button is just a smooth. The firing button works nicely and can be easily pushed using your baby finger. There is a lot on the firing button that you can spin (clockwise) when not in use to prevent mis-firing.

This device is stainless steel. Despite this, even with a battery it is quite light. It's also one of the shortest 18350 battery devices I have ever used. 

Getting the Smoktech Kick out was a bit more of a challenge than putting it in. What I did was to remove the bottom cap (firing button) and thread the extension all the way back in. I then tapped on the bottom to edge out the Kick. Once it reached the edge, I was able to grasp the brass colored firing end and pull it all the way out. I then adjusted the wattage to 8.5 watts ... the Smoktech Kick has a "map" that shows the position of the adjuster for each desired wattage ... and then inserted it back in. Again, WOW! ... this is incredible. It certainly feels like you are getting quite a kick out of of the "Kick" ...

At $34.95 from, the Anyvape vMecha is a great buy! While you are there, have a look at the Efest 18500 batteries. At $5.95, they are a great deal. They also carry the Smoktech Kick for only $19.99.

Check back again ... I ordered the Anyvape vMecha to also test and review with the Kayfun 3.1.