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Tobeco Flip Modified ...

It started out innocently enough. 

The Flip has some very sharp edges. Along the tubes, these sharp edges do not matter much, they don't come into contact with any part of the hand.

At the very bottom of the firing switch, though, those are very sharp edges to have in contact with the finger ... and quite often and constant.

You can see what I mean in the picture at the left. Every edge you see is extremely sharp. I had to take this picture with my iPhone, so it is not as clear as I would like it to be (that's my work bench in the background). The entire unit is polished stainless steel. What appears as a darker area around the center is the same stainless steel but recessed by about 0.5 mm. I'm not sure why it appears to be a different color in the picture.

At the very least I wanted the recessed area filled in so that the sharp edges would be less pronounced.

I ended up selecting a marine epoxy. This epoxy will not react with salt, solvents (or other liquids) and can be sanded, shaped, and painted. My idea was to fill in the recessed area and paint it all black. 

That worked out well, the firing button is easy to press now without the sharpness that was there before. I have painted it, but it didn't turn out quite as good as I thought it would, so I will figure some other paint scheme for this (so check back again, I should have it done within a week or so).

While I was waiting for the epoxy to dry, I did get carried away a bit. Well, a lot. I ended up masking off some of the recessed areas of the main tube and extension tubes. I had thought about sanding the milling marks out, but decided to paint them instead. The result is at the top right.  It isn't perfect, but it looks great. I like the contrast of the brushed stainless steel against the black background paint.

How I did it

Take notice of the picture and look closely, you should be able to click it and get a slightly larger version to display. This isn't perfect, and I doubt I could have done much better. The milling work is extremely intricate with some very small elements. 

I ended up masking this all off and using four sharp xacto knife blades to remove the excess masking tape. That took about one hour. I used an automotive black paint to spray. I had to be patient waiting for the paint to dry so that I could see the effect. As you can see at the right, it was worth the wait. 

Could it use a few touch up? Sure, but I won't do anything beyond what you see. This isn't a car, and isn't for display. It's for me to use. I like my stuff to look good – to me.

It may be a bit strange to others, but anything I use has to satisfy me, and me only. It's the same with the insulin pens that I use. They are all functional. For practical purposes, I wanted two different colors. One color for basal insulin, one color for bolus insulin. So I ended up with two different color insulin pens. But, I didn't like the colors. These insulin pens cost me nothing, by the way. Where I live, the pens are supplied at no charge. They want the money for the refills. Because they are free, the pharmacies do not like going through a whole lot of trouble to get you anything beyond what they have in stock. I was getting prepared to paint one, when I finally switched pharmacies so that I could have exactly the color pen I wanted. It's the same with vaping products, I use what satisfies me, not what is popular or what "looks" right to someone else. 

The Tobeco Flip is now just My Flip.