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The Nemesis is a 100% mechanical mod. There are seven parts to this well thought out device. Two are extension tubes that extend the range of battery possibilities: 18350, 18500 and 18650 – and flat or button top. The top part is actually two parts, one of which can be removed to accommodate flat top batteries. 

This review is for one of the "clones". The clones are available in a variety of metals and finished. The one I received is all stainless steel. You can also get them with polished brass accents, all brass, copper, and aluminum (brushed and anodized).

I also requested a set of magnets to convert the spring loaded firing switch to a magnet firing switch. The magnets add about $2 to the price, but are absolutely worth it. The magnets, like the springs, will support the unit without having to use the lock down ring even with a heavy filled Kayfun 3.1 Svoemesto.

As you can see above, the firing switch is well built and comprehensive. There are two throw springs, one to maintain pressure of the throw pin, and one to toggle for power. To convert this to magnets, just remove the screw from the inside and it all comes apart. The most difficult part of the entire operation is separating the earth magnets from each other. Just invert one, put both around the center post (on the outer portion shown at the far left) and cover with the insulated holder (as shown on the far right). Put the screw back in to hold it all together. The only thing to be careful of, is the brass retainer pin ... that's the second last item on the left. That is what holds the firing switch slider and the insulated holder from spinning when you need to remove the firing switch to replace the batteries.

My tests included using an Efest 700 purple flat-top battery and a Kayfun 3.1 Svoemesto. This puts the Nemesis at the shortest possible configuration, and even with the taller Kayfun 3.1, this is a really small setup. The Kayfun finish is identical to the Nemesis and looks like they just belong together. 

The coil I built for the Kayfun is a twisted dual coil, but with quite a few loops so that I could reach 1.7 ohms. I wanted to be able to use the Kayfun on regulated and unregulated devices. What surprised me was how well it worked with the Nemesis. On a regulated APV, I nearly always reach the 10 second cut off when vaping. I like to slowly inhale on the Kayfun to get maximum flavor. With the Nemesis, I can easily draw that out to 12 seconds or so and get a super flavor draw.

I now have a number of mechanical mods, and by far the Nemesis went to the top of the list awful fast as my favorite. I like all of the adjustment possibilities. The connector is 510 threaded, and the pin can be adjusted either from the outside or inside. The bottom firing pin can also be adjusted to accommodate the throw and fit of batteries.

I know this is a clone, but it certainly is well made. All of the threads, every single one, is absolutely buttery smooth. There are no machining artifacts or machining oil left anywhere. There is a logo on the main battery tube and it is etched into the stainless steel, and on the opposing side there is a serial number and name of the device. The bottom of the firing switch also has etched name and logo.

There are air holes at the top around the 510 connector top and under the locking ring at the bottom for battery venting. 

The Verdict: Is It Worth It? I'm not sure how to answer this. I have three mechanical mods. Two are clones that I purchased. I do not use mechanical mods on a regular basis, only to build and test rebuidable atomizers and coils. I would prefer to own and use the real thing, but cannot really justify the purchase price solely to use these for one-off coil building. I do know the Nemesis is the best mechanical mod I have and it is now my go-to mechanical mod. I like the form, the fit, the weight, and the finish.