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Efest LUC Blu6 OLED Intelligent Charger

Talk about being oblivious. I've been using the new Effest LUC Blu6 charger for about one month. Not once did I have to read the instructions (it's easy to use). There is a risk in doing this, though. I had no idea it was this flexible – Efest has a bluetooth app for this charger. There is an app for IOS devices and one for Android devices.

I downloaded the Android app. Very impressive. All I had to do is scan for the device and once found it took over managing the entire charging process, settings, and provided real-time feedback right on my phone.

That's convenient. I like having that option. I'm not sure it is necessary, though. Efest make some user-friendly chargers. Pop in the battery in the correct orientation, and it charges. That simple.

This one is different though. It's the world's first 6-bay charger. 10440, 1450, 14650, 16340, 16650, 17650, 17670, 17350, 18490, 18500, 18650, 26500, and 26650.

Each channel can charge at either 0.5, 1.0 or 2.0 amps. In total, all six can charge up to 4.0 amps.

And, you can make your choices on the device itself, or through the bluetooth app.

The unit is large. It's 186.30 mm wide, 99.6 mm high, and 41.8 mm deep. And, it's slick looking. Efest images show this as a purple glow for the LEDs and display, but it actually is closer to a blue color for the LEDs. The display is a somewhat purple background with a high contrast white display. The app, though, is purple and very well done.

The settings are all controlled on the device by successive presses of the LEDs which double as buttons for settings. It's not really intuitive, you will have to keep referring to the manual to figure it out. Download and use the bluetooth app and it is much easier. Though the app, you can view not only real time charging feedback, but you can also click on each individual battery being charged and change the settings in real-time. 

The device has a maximum charge rate of 4.0 amps combining all six batteries. You can make the choices, charging two at 2.0 amps each, or four at 1.0 amps each, or two at 1.0 amps and four at 0.5 amps. The choice is yours. If you exceed the 4.0 amps by manual selection, the device will go into lock mode and generate a maximum of 4.0 amps itself.

Without the bluetooth app, the Efest LUC Blu6 is an incredible advancement for charging our batteries. Six at one time seems like a lot, and I thought the same when I initially got it to test and review. But, I've been charging six batteries in it every day since I got it. Four 18650's for the two dual battery systems I will use the next day, and two 18650 batteries as spares – and I always end up using the spares too. (Temperature control devices suck back the power big time).

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

Efest chargers are among the best available. I have rated Efest LUC chargers quite highly in the past – and the Efest LUC Blu6 surpasses them all. I highly recommend it. And a note to Efest: You have a wonderful bluetooth app for the Blu6 ... please add an alarm or alert function. I'd like to leave the charger unattended and get notified by bluetooth if something goes wrong ... that enhancement would put this way over the top.