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Review Update: eGo ONE Mega

The eVic VT received for testing is the white with blue stripes.

In the initla review of the eVic VT, I pointed out the included eGo ONE Mega atomizer was not recommended. The one I received is identical to the one shown on the white eVic VT.

The two includes coils, an 0.2 ohm Ni (Nickel) coil and an 0.4 ohm Ti (Titanium) coil both generated more dry hits and burned taste than good ones.

My initial thoughts on this was that the tiny liquid flow holes in the base of the coil were likely responsible.

After posting the review some people stated their eGo ONE Mega were excellent, others stated theirs matched my results. And yet others recommended using the Delta coils to achieve a good vape.

I opened a brand new 5-pack of Nickel coils for a further look at this tank.

On their own website, Joyetech feature images of the tank with each of the coils beside them. You can see in the Joyetech image the tiny liquid flow holes. 

In this second test using a brand new coil, the results were different. 

I did achieve a satisfactory vape and no dry hits (or burned taste) with a new coil. Perhaps Joyetech had a bad batch of Ni and Ti coils ...

Regardless, here's the rest of my thoughts on the eGo ONE Mega included with the eVic VT:

Quite frankly, I do not like any of the Joyetech tank systems that feature the dual set of three slots on the tank. It's hard to see the amount of juice remaining, the slots are not long enough and compromise the view of remaining juice. 

The ONE Mega tank features a rotating air flow control ring at the bottom with a limiter pin. The concept is clever, when you remove the base to add juice or change the coil, the ring turns and hits the limiter closing off the air flow completely. When you put the base back on the tank, the ring turns in the other direction and opens the air flow completely. You can then adjust to your preference and put it on the battery. It's well done. The air flow does generate an air sucking noise as you inhale, though, and moreso than most other tanks. 

The finish is painted on. On the unit that was included with the eVic VT, the edges had paint chipped away and displayed what appears to be a bronze material as the metal underneath. Overall, the atomizer is complementary to the eVic VT with its matching color combination. 

The 510 connector at the bottom is well done ... the positive post sticks out past the negative threaded part and will make connection to just about every battery 510 pin out there. 

The top of the eGo ONE Mega is slightly sloped. If you decide to put a different drip tip on yours, you will find that wide bore tips will show a gap in the sloping areas. It's not much of an issue, but you need to be aware of that. The image at the right shows the slopping top, but does not show the gap that well (you can see it a little bit on the left). It's hard to capture that with a camera. And, it is rather trivial ... you'll only notice it if you are a perfectionist, others won't.

One of the comments from the original review was about the resistance "Lock" in the eVic VT menu system. I want to clarify what that is for, and it had nothing to do with the dry hits and burned taste that I experienced.

The "Lock" feature in the menu is to set the base resistance of the coil. It's similar in concept to the Pioneer4You process where you press both the + and - adjuster buttons simultaneously to set the base resistance of a new coil. That stores the resistance of the coil in the device and is used as the base whenever you use your device. It does not lock the resistance and disable the temperature control. 

If you do not use the "Lock" feature, the eVic VT will attempt to determine the base resistance on its own. When  you take the atomizer off to change the coil or add liquid without the "Lock" being set, the eVic VT will ask you if this is a new coil (turn the dial to the right) or the same coil (turn the dial to the left). If you answer by turning the dial to the right, the eVic VT will set the base to the new coil resistance. If you answer that it is a new coil and you are reusing a warmed up coil, the eVic VT will not be using the atomizer properly and you may get too much or too little power to the coil.

In other words, you do not have to use the "Lock" feature. There is an advantage to using it though, you won't get that message when you remove and replace the tank on the eVic VT.

Once I used the eGo ONE Mega with a good coil, the vaping experience was good. Excellent cloud generation, and excellent flavor rendered. I used my favorite juice and was thoroughly satisfied.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? This is one of those calls that I won't make for the eGo ONE Mega. It does provide for a satisfying vape experience, but I personally do not like the design of the outer tank with its small narrow slits that do not properly display the remaining juice. I find that to be an issue when you are trying to figure out whether or not to refill, but I also find it disconcerning when you just filled it up with a juice that is clear and you can't tell there is anything in the tank. You'll have to decide, but I will say that anyone buying this will be satisfied with the vape experience if they can overlook some of its short comings.