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iStick PICO Kit

The iStick PICO is available in five colors: White, Silver, Hot Pink, Gray, and Black. We received the Black unit shown at the far right for testing and review.

The package we received is the kit, which includes a Melo 3 Mini atomizer tank.

The Melo 3 Mini is a capable tank that uses the Aspire Atlantis/Triton style coils. Two are included in the package.

I'll cover off some basic stats on the Melo 3 Mini ... the testing and review is geared towards the PICO.

The Melo 3 Mini has a capacity of 2 ML. As a small and unobtrusive as the iStick PICO is, the tank is perfectly suited. In Kit form with the PICO, the silicone seals at the top and bottom that are visible through the glass, match the color of the PICO you order.

The Melo family of tanks is a very good atomizer group. We have a few of them, and find them quite capable.

You should be aware that the tank threads on to the PICO 510 connector, which is located beside the battery cap on the top of the PICO. Tanks up to 22 mm will thread on, anything larger will be prevented from threading on by the battery cover.

And, while we are at it, the battery cap is 7.0 mm in height. That means that any measurements of tank height plus device height has to be reduced by 7.0 mm ... that's how recessed the tank is below the top of the battery cap.

Here's an image of the iStick PICO with the battery cap off, exposing the battery ... which you insert positive end down, negative end up.

It's an innovative way of getting the smallest size device into your hands.

You can see at the right, the device has rounded ends and fits perfectly in the hand. The fire button is also located quite appropriately. Even in the dimmest light, it's easy to locate. You can actually feel the button if you can't see it.

The image at the top right shows the front layout. Fire button at the top, high contrast screen below the fire button, and a micro USB port near the bottom. The micro USB port supports charging the battery in the device (and it's pass-through) as well as firmware upgrades. At the writing of this review (08 May 2016) no firmware upgrades have been released.

The iStick PICO supports up to 75 Watts. That is more than enough power for the average user. We use both Kanthal and Ni200 coils and rarely ever exceed 60 watts – and still get oustanding flavor and cloud generation. For those looking for an unobtrusive vape, this is it.

In the image at the left, you can see where the atomizer would thread in. And, you can also see where the size is limited to 22 mm by the protruding battery cap.

This is a 510 connector and it is floating pin. The only gripe we had with this arrangement is that when a tank has air flow that is directed towards the battery cap, you can end up with moisture on the cap and at the base of the atomizer on the side of the battery cap. When that happens, you will get battery short messages and your device will not fire. Unfortunately, you can't pick and choose where the air flow holes will end up on most atomizers ...

The bottom of the iStick PICO is where you find eight venting holes for the battery and the adjustment buttons.

The adjustment buttons are recessed below the surface of the bottom base. You cannot inadvertently change settings by putting this down on a flat surface. And, you can also "lock" the settings by pressing both the + and - and holding them for three seconds ... that will prevent inadvertent changes when setting it down on irregular surfaces.

The buttons are not strictly a toggle ... they can also both be pressed down. It's a solid button bar, not individual buttons.

This is one small device. We compared it to the Vaporshark rDNA 40. It's the same depth, same width, but about 11.5 mm shorter. The Vaporshark rDNA 40 WAS our go-to device when travelling in the car ...

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

As a kit, this sells for $55.95, quite the bargain when you consider this also includes the oustanding Melo 3 Mini tank. You can also buy it without the tank at a terrific bargain price. We found the iStick PICO as effective as the Vaporshark rDNA 40 and higher wattage is the bonus too. Transfer of power to the coil is near instantaneous, it's one powerful and light device. As noted, our only concern is the humidity that collects on the top surface around the battery cap ... when that happens the device will not fire and will display an atomizer short. Wipe the moisture and it will work again.

What’s in the box?

  • iStick PICO device
  • Micro USB cable (for charge and firmware upgrades)
  • iStick User Manual
  • Melo 3 Mini atomizer
  • EC 0.5 ohm coil
  • EC 0.3 ohm coil
  • Melo 3 Mini User Manual
  • Four Seal Rings