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Arctic Dolphin ADT210W

Anyone reading my reviews knows I detest the wattage chase immensely. Devices that climb above 100 watts are really meant as multi-function and at higher wattages designed to be used in wattage mode only. For the average vaper, anything over 100 watts is over-kill.

Despite that, we have tested several devices that push the limits above 100 watts. The Arctic Dolphin ADT-210W is now among a short-list of devices that are at or exceed 200 watts for commercially available devices. And it's a tad smaller than most, despite housing two 18650 batteries (in series, by the way).

The Arctic Dolphin 210W is available in three colors as shown at the right. Silver, a darkened Bronze, and Black. 

We received the Black unit for testing, but it really isn't "black", it's more of a dark pewter (certainly not black as in the marketing photos).

One of the appealing features of this unit is the micro USB port for charging. The USB port on most dual battery devices is for firmware upgrades, not charging. Those devices that do have charging ports usually break down after a few charges and require a special charger. The Arctic Dolphin has a 1.0 amp built-in micro USB charger and it works reasonably quickly and load balances. We used it to charge the batteries in-device several times carefully monitoring the process. Other than a slightly elevated heat through the case, we found no issues with the built-in charger. With a built-in charger, this makes it a practical device to tote around while away from home or the office. It can be charged in your vehicle. As a note of caution, I would recommend getting a battery charge bag and would place the Arctic Dolphin 210W in the protected bag to charge while in the vehicle. Not likely necessary, but a good preventative measure.

The Arctic Dolphin 210W I received is shown at the right. I used Samsung 25R batteries for the testing. These are not new, but are paired for charging purposes. 

The cover is slightly convex – not curved, but straight in a squat triangle type of shape. That has nothing to do with the battery or needs of the housing, but contributes to the overall depth of 26mm for larger tanks to sit reasonably flush to the edges.

The battery cover is held in place with two powerful magnets. On my particular unit, the battery cover did not sit perfectly flush, but also did not rattle or weaken the hold on the unit.

There are two finger-nail slits at the bottom of the cover to get the cover off and a tight fit inside a lip around the box to hold it in place along with the magnets.

The 510 connector at the top is spring loaded and made of brass (and slightly raised above the frame, by about 0.3 to 0.5 mm). It has an unusual hole in the center of the 510 connector. which I suspect is part of the battery venting system. Other than the two finger nail slits and the hole in the 510 connector, there doesn't appear to be any other venting (other than the obvious pushing out of the battery cover in the event of battery venting).

The micro USB charge port is on the button edge of the device. You can leave your tank connected and have it sit on the base while charging without any juice leaking.

The only tiny issue I had is with a wee-bit of button rattle from the adjustment buttons at the bottom of the device (just below the display).  The larger issue is the brightness of the display: it is hard to read in day light ... not as bad as the original IPV 4, but close. The Arctic Dolphin 210W display is also a mirror finish. I'll look into doing the same modification to this as the mirror finish mod (remove the mirror finish) and report back to you all.

Now,let's move on to how the Arctic Dolphin ADT-210W performs.

In use, I managed to get about 18 ml of juice vaped out of one full charge of batteries. That's better than any other dual battery configuration device tested to date. 

The big news, though, is how well the Arctic Dolphin 210W performs in temperature control mode. With each tank of juice, I let the tank go completely dry. And, not one single bad taste. Other temperature control devices give a whisp of a burned taste ... like a singe of cotton. The Arctic Dolphin 210W is the only device that just plain stops firing. No bad taste, no bad odor, nothing. It just stops firing. Each time the tank went dry, we had to double-check the batteries – we literally thought the batteries stopped working. It's that efficient with temperature control.

At this point, I need to point out that there is only one other device that measures temperature this quickly and accurately and also does not generate any "singe" taste when a tank goes dry – the VaporShark. We have tested several versions of the VaporShark and noted that about all three. We also have two VaporShark clones that behave the same way. Until the testing and review of the Arctic Dolphin 210W, no other device matched this.

If that were it, it would be worth getting this ... but the power and efficiency of the Arctic Dolphin 210W does not stop there. Power transfer from the batteries to the coil when you press the fire button is as close to instantaneous as you can get. Press the fire button and you start to enjoy pure flavor immediately. The most efficient device that we have tested prior to this for accurately measuring temperature is the Sigelei 150W TC. The Arctic Dolphin matches that dead on. Temperature is reported dead accurately. 

Now, let's look at the value proposition of the Arctic Dolphin ADT-210W ... how does this compare to the new DNA 200 chipset devices?

First of all there is a huge price difference. The DNA 200 chipset devices are all more than $100 over the price point of the Arctic Dolphin 210W ... well over. The only DNA 200 device that runs with 18650 batterires, requires three of them – in series. The rest are all LiPo (Lithium Polymer) and fixed in the device (they are not meant to be replaceable). That means you need to replace the entire device unless you find a duplicate LiPo battery and violate the warranty by opening the device yourself and performing the battery upgrade.

This Arctic Dolphin represents a huge savings with the same functionality as the DNA 200 devices. The size is more than acceptable ... it's shortern and narrower than the Sigelei 150W TC. We haven't received any DNA 200 devices, so we can't compare the size to those yet.

This is one solid performer in temperature control and in wattage mode. The only aspect that will take a bit of getting used to, especially in devices of this configuration and size, is that the 510 connector is right in the middle of the device. 

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

You'll have to pry this from my cold dead hands to get it away from me. I have thoroughly enjoyed every single second of using this. The power transfer to the coil is incredible but I was most impressed with the shut down of power transfer when the tank went dry. No bad taste or taste changes (or taste artifacts) from singed cotton or overheat at all. Nothing. Battery use efficiency seems to be better than other dual battery systems, I was able to get about one full tank of juice more out of a freshly charged set of batteries than other devices. I don't have a single gripe about this at all ... even the manual is good. OK ... I'll make up a bit of a gripe. I had to read the manual to figure out how to turn the device on. Every other device is five clicks on ... with the Arctic Dolphin 210W you press and hold the fire button until the start up screen starts to display. That's it, my only "made up" gripe. Do I recommend this? Absolutely, without doubt, without reservation. Any other point to make? Yes, I won't be getting a DNA 200 device, I have an Arctic Dolphin ADT-210W and don't need the DNA 200 that cost more and deliver less.

What’s in the box?

  • Arctic Dolphin ADT-210W unit
  • User Manual
  • Micro USB charging cable