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SXmini M Class Firmware Upgrades

Since the release of the first firmware, Yihi has upgraded the software that connects and upgrades your device. You will need to get that first.

Note this is a RAR compressed file, you will need software compatible with the RAR format.

Once you have the software, download the firmware file you will need:

I used the 2.32 version (english) found at:

All of the different versions are also available directly from Yihi's upgrade page.

The process is fairly simple.

1. Remove the battery from your SXmini M Class

2. Plug in a micro USB cable that supports data transfers into your computer and SXmini M Class

3. Launch the software ... if this is the first time you use it, click on the "Connection" icon and load the driver for your computer – note that pops up another dialog box asking the type of computer. Click on the wide button.

– Once the driver is loaded, click on the "Connect" button. A green text line will display showing your device is connected through the USB cable.

– Click on the SXI logo to return to the main menu and click the "Upgrade" icon.

– Click on the "Open File" button, and select the file you extracted from the compressed RAR ... it will have a .sxi extension

– Once that file is loaded, click on the "Upgrade" button ... it takes a few seconds and the progress bar will show the percent of upload and installation

Once you are finished, the software will show that the device is upgraded, you can unplug everything, shut down the software and put the battery back in.

All done!