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Thirty-Six Stratagems

I would normally have passed on the offer to test and review this mod. It isn't mainstream and looks rather like a niche product targeted at the asian market.

That it had an english user manual helped. But, that wasn't the main reason. Many years ago I read a book by Sun Tzu, who is also attributed with the "Thirty-Six Stratagems" this mod has imprinted on both sides.

The mod is made of a zinc alloy and quite sturdy. It's not overly heavy, no more so than any other dual 18650 battery mod.

The battery cover is really well designed with two notches on one end. It only orients one way and has nice rectangular recesses for the magnets. It is surprisingly well engineered with absolutely no rattles or any noises whatsoever. 

I received the black unit shown at the left. It is also available in silver, a bronze tone, a copper tone, and the black.

The fire button and adjustment (+ and -) are color matched and suit the device well. 

The 510 connector is spring loaded and floats nicely. There are no air flow slots near the 510 connector, so this can only be used with tanks that have air flow through the sides of the atomizer base.

If you look closely at the front of the device, you will see a logo at the top. That is the company logo for SunZip ES Technology, a China-based company. At the bottom is kanji characters I cannot identify. And above the red lettering is a display that displays through a mirrored finish. The mirror finish on the device I received was not pristine as in a new device, it appeared to have been used prior with some some scratches quite visible. The display is rather on the small side, but is reasonably easy to read and has all the important information needed, plus displays the actual % of battery life left as well as a graphical battery display.

This device is rather  unusual in that it has dual 18650 batteries connected in series and includes a micro USB charge cable. You can charge the batteries in the device by plugging into the micro USB port at the bottom of the device. The bottom also features 16 battery vent holes.  

With the battery cover off, the internals show a well built and assembled unit, with no assembly artifacts at all. It's really clean and professionally done. And, better than I expected.

The battery connectors will only accept flat top batteries – and even those are extremely tight to fit in. I kept taking the batteries out to charge them. I ended up with some damage to the outer plastic of the batteries so I decided to leave them in to charge from that point on (keeping a close eye on the charging process ... these are in series after all).

The vape experience with this device is another surprise. Power transfer from the batteries to the atomizer coil is near instantaneous and the accuracy of the temperature reading and wattage appears to be spot on. 

This device supports wattage mode and temperature mode. In wattage mode, the range is from 3.0 watts to 150 watts. It increments in 0.1 watts, but accelerates to 10 watt increments if you press and hold the adjustment buttons. Release the buttons and it starts at 0.1 watts again. That's all the way throughout the full range.

In temperature mode, it increments in 1 degree and supports a range of 200 to 600 degrees F. If there is an option to view in C, I can't find it. If you press and hold the adjustment buttons, the increment accelerates to 10 degree increments. Release the buttons and it starts at 1 degree again. Also, throughout the full range.

The display is rather small, yet readable. It displays a graphic representation of a battery with the remaining charge showing as a bar on the graphical battery. To the right of that is a display with the actual number and a percentage sign showing the remaining battery life as a percentage. And, it's accurate. 

Below that is a graphical thermometer and to the right of that is the text and a degree sign with a C beside it. So, the adjustment range is in F and the display is in C. Strange.

Below that is a larger display showing either the currently selected wattage or temperature. Pressing the + or - button adjust the mode your are in. 

Below that are two smaller lines, one showing real-time power (wattage) and the other showing real-time coil resistance.

The display has two intensities, a bright mode when pressing buttons, and a half-intensity after about 5 seconds of inactivity.

The manual included with the Thirty-Six Stratagems mod is quite sparse, but covers all the functionality and is well written in English. I need to note that the box exterior says this device is designed in the USA and identifies it as a Vapmod brand.

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

Well, yes, I do recommend it. I'm surprised myself saying this. The price of this device is less than one-third of comparable dual 18650 devices that support temperature control and wattage up to 150 watts. And, it's quality is better, the vape experience better. This works and works well. If you can find one, it's well worth buying.

What’s in the box?

Vapmod TSS 150W TC Temperature Control Variable Wattage mod
User Manual
USB Micro Charge cable