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Sigelei 90W Plus (26650)

Sigelei's official product designation for this device is the "Sigelei 75W Plus". All of the product literature, marketing information, and packaging have that as the product name. What ships, though, is the Sigelei 90W. It's been upgraded, likely after the investments by Sigelei into their marketing literature. Mistake or not, this is one outstanding device. And, note that the bottom portion of the box that you see at the right shows it as "75W Plus upgraded to 90W Plus" ... "different wattage, same operation" ... that's a wrap that is added to the box afterwards.

We were eagerly anticipating this round of testing. It's from Sigelei, known for producing quality products that are well designed, well constructed, with excellent quality control.

No let down here ... this delivers.

I know of only one other 26650 device that supports temperature control. I know of only one that works though ... this Sigelei 90W Plus 26650 mod.

The OLED display is easy to read. It's the familiar Sigelei four-quadrant layout. If you use one Sigelei four-quadrant device, you can use them all. Functionality is identical in all of them. And, pleased to say, so is the quality of design and build.

The Sigelei website and retailers all show that four colors are available. Blue, Red, White, and Black. The packaging, however, indicates that there are two other colors available. We'll assume that is another change since the packaging was produced.

By the way, kudos to Sigelei for this upgrade. we would rather have altered packaging than higher prices, and we're sure you do to.

We received the black unit for testing and review. With the translucent white skin, it looks great.

Early marketing documents for the Sigelei 75W Plus showed different button colors depending on the device color. The black unit showed red buttons. In the production version, all colors feature chrome plated buttons. It's a better look with the translucent skin – and less obtrusive than bright colored buttons.

In its initial release, the Sigelei 90W Plus is a full kit that includes everything to get your started (without the juice). The Sigelei 90W Plus, a Sigelei 4200 mAh 40A battery, micro USB charge cable, Sigelei Ares tank with 0.5 ohm Kanthal coil, and a spare 0.2 ohm Ni200 coil. You also get fairly good instructions ... however, with a bit of Chenglish thrown in.

And a plug to Sigelei: get yourself an English editor that can make the text flow properly ...

The Sigelei 90W Plus is not a "box" mod. It is narrower at the front side where the buttons and display are located. The back portion is rounded and wider to accommodate the 26650 battery. This is fairly light, I am guessing the material is a painted aluminum alloy.

The battery cover is held in place with fairly good magnets. They are not as strong as some devices, but then again almost everyone using a Sigelei device with a micro USB charging port is using the silicone skin. I found it unusual that the battery cover has no finger nail slot and does not slide. You have to grip it firmly and pull away from the device to get it off. As noted, the magnets hold it in place but it is still fairly easy to remove this way.

As you can see at the left, the battery cover has designed slots as battery vents. There are also 15 vent holes at the bottom of the device. The silicone skin is really well designed, with slots matching the battery cover that align perfectly.

Very well designed. Build quality is also very good. There is no button rattling or noise of any kind. The firing button has a tactile click, as do the adjustment buttons. Finish is flawless. We also want to point out that the top has a raised edge to keep any stray liquid from flowing down the sides into the silicone skin.

At the left is the Sigelei 90W Plus with the SIgelei Ares tank.

Although the OLED display is the familiar four-quadrant layout, the display is an oval shape that has a mirrored finish. It is easily visible in low lighting, a lighted room. In day light, it is hard to see, though.

The button layout is the familiar one. Five clicks on. Five more clicks gets you to an easy to navigate menu that also includes power off capability.

Functionality is identical to all other Sigelei temperature control devices.

So, why would you get this?

With the availability of Sigelei 150W and 200W temperature control at nearly identical prices, we prefer the Sigelei 75W TC and this Sigelei 90W Plus. There is also a new Sigelei 90W Spark that we are anticipating testing and reviewing in the near future. These single battery devices are more than enough power for temperature control and offer a safety factor that is desirable: one single battery. All of these single battery devices have similar lifespans between charges as the dual-battery systems (and all dual battery systems from Sigelei require external charging).

The main advantage of the Sigelei 90W Plus is the 26650 battery. It's larger, but certainly not inconvenient. At its widest point (at the 26650 battery end), it is exactly the same width as the Joyetech Cuboid that houses dual 18650 batteries.

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

Unquestionnably, yes, we do recommend this. Foremost in this recommendation is that it is a Sigelei device. Sigelei is known for its efficient and effective temperature control mods. They are dead accurate in coil resistance and temperature control. The Sigelei 90W Plus weighs less than most dual-18650 battery mods and appeals to the average vaper. While it is applicable to some vapers that drip, this isn't really oriented to that market. To the other 80% + of the market, we have a device that will last longer between charges and is a great vape experience. We'll review the Sigelei Ares tank separately.

What’s in the box?

  • Sigelei 90W device
  • Translucent silicone skin for the Sigelei 90W
  • User instructions
  • Warranty Card
  • Sigelei Ares tank with 0.5 ohm Kanthal coil
  • Second coil (0.2 ohm Ni200)
  • Sigelei Ares tank filling instructions
  • Pamphlet Instructions of Security Code
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Sigelei 4200 mAh 40A battery


  • Posted by Carl Pelletier on March 28, 2016, 12:53 pm

    I like your review on the Sigelei 90W Plus. Where is it available in Canada?



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