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Pionner4You IPV 5

I recall when the IPV 2 first came out, the pricing was in the stratosphere.

When the IPV 3 came out, the pricing was equally challenging ... but that was also an epic release that was a major disappointment. Pioneer4You mislead the public about the IPV 3 and never recovered.

The pricing of Pioneer4You has been steadily coming down. The IPV 5 can now be had in the budget mod price range and even lower priced than their IPV 4S.

And, it's not surprising. The finish on the IPV 5 uses an automotive type of paint that is just a finger print and dirt magnet. It shows every smudge, scratch, and smear. 

The top 510 connector sits flush. Mount a tank and expect it to scratch the finish quickly. And it does. The IPV line of mods all use Yihi chipsets ... that's what makes this worth buying. A hard hitting, accurate, and excellent chipset. The down size is it's packaged by Pioneer4You in a questionnable design inconsistent with their other IPV designs.

It's heavy. The screen is grainy (nice contrast though, but weird to look at). On the plus side, it is well assembled and incredibly quiet. There's no rattle – not a peep. The magnetic battery cover fits well and stays in place. It's easy to slide the battery cover on and off, or grab the edge and lift it off. The battery compartment is perfect with no assembly artifacts at all.

There are three colors available: Black (as we received for testing and review, Silver, and Blue.

The micro USB port on the front of the device is a bit deceptive: it's for firmware upgrades only. To charge the device, you have to remove the batteries and charge them in an external charger.

We downloaded the version 2 firmware from the Pioneer4You website and were unable to get the device upgraded to the latest firmware (the SXI software kept generating an error message).

The battery lifter that is installed works quite well. Even inserting the batteries was a pleasure. There is a recessed area at the bottom where the battery slips in and then is guided easily into position.

At the bottom of the battery compartment is a warranty sticker. With the third battery change after recharging, I found that sticker on the chair where I was sitting ... that warranty sticker came off and stuck to my hand (I guess) where it then came off and attached to the chair. It's going to be interesting to see how warranty coverage will be impacted ...

The rounded / bevelled edges on the IPV 5 are quite welcome. This makes the Pioneer4You IPV 5 easy to hold in the hand.  The firing button is well positioned and easy to actuate with either your thumb or finger (depending on the orientation you want).

The adjustment buttons are strangely located though. They are immediately below the firing button. Fortunately, they are a bit smaller, however, I can see how these will be inadvertently pressed.

The bottom has three moon-shaped vents.

I received the black unit shown at the left for testing and review. Certainly it is a good value, particularly with the TCR functionality added in version 2.0. This makes it one of the few devices that can handle temperature recognition on Kanthal and Nichrome coils as well as temperature control on Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless wire.

But, it's not a game changer like previous Pioneer4You devices were. It's a wanna-be, and I wanna-pass.

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

At the price point this is worth having. It has two major points that make this a value buy: TCR support and efficient use of batteries. I was able to vape 10 ml of juice with new 18650 (VCT 5) batteries before needing a recharge. The Yihi SX330-200 chipset provide a very good vape experience ... that's the value in this device.

What’s in the box?

  • Pioneer4You IPV 5 mod
  • Micro USB firmware upgrade cable
  • Quality Control certificate
  • User Instructions


  • Posted by Mac Cooper on June 28, 2016, 10:42 pm

    The ipv5 I have is stout. I've thrown it off a 4 story building(It was in my pocket got bumped to 150w and fired ) it landed on 2nd story roof. It also fell off my motorcycle @ 65-70mph this did destroy the subtank on it. It broke 2 magnets off the door one stuck to the ipv and the other stuck to one of the batteries. Rewrapped the batteries and glued 2 magnets back in . Looks rough (paint is looking rough) works fine.