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Pioneer4You IPV4 Firmware Upgrade (120W & Ti)

Before you upgrade the firmware in the IPV 4, you need to first remove the batteries.

For Windows PC only: download and install the Yihi SXI software from
or from the Pioneer4You download site

You may have to reboot your PC after the installation.

Download the Yihi SX330 IPV 4 upgrade firmware (120 watt, Titanium coil support, and resistance as low as 0.5 ohms) from 

Launch the Yihi SXI program.

With the batteries removed from the IPV 4, use the supplied cable to connect to the micro USB port at the bottom of the device.

From the main screen, select the "Connection" icon and then press the "Connect" button. The program should say "Device Connected". If it doesn't, click on the "Install Driver" button and choose IPV 4. Then click on the top button (SXI).

From the main screen, select the "Upgrade" icon and then press the "Open File" button. Select the firmware upgrade file you saved to your computer and then click on the "Upgrade" button. The software will display a progress bar indicating percentage completed. When done, you can shut down the software and remove the USB cable, put the batteries back in and click the Fire button five times.

To confirm you have upgraded the firmware, go into the menu, set the device to Joule Mode then go through to the menu just past the temperature selection and you should have a new menu for "Coil Select" with Ni200 and Ti01 as the options. Another way to confirm you have upgraded the firmware is to set the device to Power mode, then Exit 'On'. You can use the + button to go through the wattage settings and it should go all the way up to 120W.