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Vision Spinner II from NYX E-Cigs

The Vision Spinner II addresses many of the issues common to all "twist" or "spinner" style personal vaporizers.

In the photo at the right, you can see the bottom spinner is much larger and easier to turn. The spinner is also flat bottom with slots and sits upright easily. The numbers are larger and more visible.

It's an attractive package with a look similar to carbon fiber, partiularly at the top of the unit.

Vision claim the Spinner II has an upgraded PCB board. The Spinner II features:

  • One of the largest capacities in eGo sized batteries: 1600 mAh (note there is a printing error on the packaging that shows this as 1650 mAh ... it is 1600 mAh)
  • Short circuit protection, protecting against incorrect installed cartomizer or incorrect USB connection
  • Eight second cut-off (unit will flash five times and turn off if fired for longer than eight seconds)
  • Short charging time for a battery this size: five to six hours from fully depleted
  • Variable Voltage, spinner has detent and stops positively at 3.3 volts, 3.8 volts, 4.3 volts and 4.8 volts (it also operates outside of the detent zones, providing infinite range between 3.3 and 4.8 volts)
  • Longer life battery with an average of 500 recharge cycles
  • 510 and eGo connectors providing wide compatibility with virtually all cartomizers, clearomizers, and rebuildable atomizers.
  • Dual packaged (regular box inside of a plastic display box) with instruction manual
  • Authenticity label

The Vision Spinner II is a well balanced, well sized, and light unit. It weighs only 62.1 g (2.19 oz.). We charged it several times, and each time were able to use the Spinner II for well over 14 hours – that was at 4.3 volts with a Nautilus tank and a 1.8 ohm coil. It should last even longer at lower voltage (and a bit less time at higher voltage). Diameter of the unit is 16.3 mm (0.65 in.) and height is 114.2 mm (4.49 in.). In this size range, this is the most powerful battery available. This will last much longer than the average work day. (The one at the right is the Vision Spinner II used in these tests and review).

The Vision Spinner II is available in four colors: white, blue, silver, and black. The unit at the left is the one we received for testing and review.

This is packaged for someone upgrading from a Cig-alike or a smaller capacity eGo system. The package includes the user guide and battery only. There is no charger or other accessories included. If you plan on using eGo threaded *mizers on this battery, you are all set. If you plan on using 510 threaded *mizers, you will need to get a beauty ring (many *mizers include the beauty ring).

And, it's a great upgrade.

The Vision Spinner II is provided to us for testing and review by NYX E-Cigs. They inventory all four colors at their retail stores and on their website. They also carrying the new Aerotank Mini ... it's a perfect companion to this Vision Spinner II.


  • Posted by Dan Power on September 1, 2014, 11:49 pm

    Nice review!! I own one and I like it a lot, keeps me going for about 8 hours or more and I am vaping heavy most days!!