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VapeOnly Aura Mini

We were quite thrilled to receive the VapeOnly Aura Mini from Heaven Gifts. There have been few innovations for entry level systems in quite some time. VapeOnly Aura Mini is one very innovative design that is implemented expertly with solid craftsmanship and a stylish look. 

Aura Mini is available in two colors: Brushed Stainless Steel and Black. It's a complete kit that has a unique drip tip ... you can see it at the right. It is offset and very easy to use with a flat shape that is surprisingly comfortable.

Innovation abounds: the tank has a view port cut out of the color matched shroud surrounding a glass tank system. This is unique ... the entire bottom portion of the tank is completely sealed. Liquid is added through the top, and air flow is through the top as well. At this price point, you wouldn't expect this ... but air flow is fully adjustable through the ring at the top. The ring is more visible in the picture at the right on the black unit. At the top is the drip tip, then a slight space that is the air flow path, then the adjustment ring, then a chrome divider, then the tank, and the bottom of the tank is the final chrome divider. Below that is the battery itself: a 1450 mAh power plant that should last a full day of vaping.

Again, unexpected at this price point is a fully spring loaded 510 connector. This battery at 16.5 mm in diameter is fully compatible with a wide range of clearomizers. Threading is buttery smooth ... like I said, this is one well designed, well assembled and attractive unit.

The fire button is also a bit unusual. It's contoured to the round barrel of the battery (like an EVOD fire button), but raised slightly like an eGo battery. The best of both worlds, a fire button that is functional and attractive to the design.

Although  not that visible, the black Aura Mini shown in the picture has a slight view of the micro USB port on the opposing side of the fire button. This is rechargeable with the included micro USB cable. And – it is pass-through for those of you that want to vape while it's charging.

The fire button functions as you would expect: five clicks on/off.

I like the style of the drip tip. It's a style that I used to pay extra for to get that flattened tip ... it just seemed more of a 'stealth' type of a vape than the regular round drip tips.

If you don't like the look or the style, VapeOnly also includes a round stainless steel drip tip in the Aura Mini packaging. They are easy to swap out and you can choose to use either.

Both are designed to be splatter resistant. 

While you are looking at the picture at the left, you can get a better view of the air flow channel. Focus on the left picture. The black plastic portion is the drip tip. It is removable and the edge of the drip tip is the bottom black plastic. The brushed stainless immediately below that is part of the top tank system ... you can see a gap below that. That gap is about 1.5 mm and is around the entire circumference of the tank. The "sleeve" below that and ending at the chrome bar is the air flow adjustment ring. The air flow ring moves easily, yet when you release it, stays in position perfectly. The ring "travel" is narrow, about 5 mm in total from closed air flow to wide open air flow.

Capacity of the tank is 2 ml.

The tank itself is an entirely new design. You can see it at the right ... the coil is not threaded into a base, it is actually threaded to the air flow chimney that gets its air from the top air flow channel. The top is then threaded into the tank – that means that the coil is fully immersed into vapor liquid. The entire bottom section of the tank is fully sealed and it's impossible for any liquid to leak through the bottom or through the 510 connector – NO MORE LEAKS!!!

That's also how you fill the tank, by the way. You remove the entire top section (including the coil) and add your E-Liquid. How can you tell when it's full? That's what the view port is for. You want to keep your tank vertical and fill the E-Liquid up to the top edge of the view port. That's when it's full, and holds about 2 ml of juice. For most new vapers, that's a full day's worth of juice. Between that capacity and the hearty battery at 1450 mAh, you have a full day vape convenience.

VapeOnly coils for the Aura Mini are available in two resistance levels. VapeOnly labels these as "TAC" – quite frankly, I have no idea what that acronym stands for and not even willing to venture a guess. Both are included in the package, so you can try them out and then get the one that most satisfies your vape style. If you are new to vaping, you'll likely want the 0.5 ohm coils. Both coils have superb air flow, superb liquid flow, and generate a generous amount of vapor. It's not for cloud chasers, but the vapor is far greater than any other technology at this price point or size. The 0.33 ohm coil would best be for experienced vapers and a natural progression from the 0.5 ohm coils. It generates more vapor and more flavor.

The battery (both colors shown at right) are impressive in how light they are and the capacity. These are 1450 mAh ... using the average that 100 mAh is equipvalent to about one hour of average vaping, these promise to keep you vaping for a good 12 to 14 hours. 

Charging is through an included micro USB port on the other side of the battery (roughly inline with the fire button) and they are pass-through. You can vape while they are charging. These batteries are designed for the low resistance coils included with the Aura Mini and have no adjustments for voltage or wattage. I found them a perfect match for the coil and thoroughly satisfying combined with the Aura Mini tank and coil system.

I did test the 510 connector on the battery and it is spring loaded and floating. With the fully sealed Aura Mini tank, there is little risk of leaking liquid getting into the battery – but it is also fully sealed. 

The battery has venting through one hole at the bottom and the open spaces around the micro USB port. 

While you are looking at the picture at the right, note the oval O shape on the fire button. That is a color LED that provides information. All of the displays and colors are described in the User Manual included in the box. It's well written and complete.

Overall, I was quite impressed with the VapeOnly Auro Mini. Heaven Gifts tell me it is one of their most popular models since its release and I can see why. It is light, it is "stealthy", in a popular form factor with some incredible features not normally found in this category or price range.

I only ran into two issues. The first one is a gripe of mine with any round battery system ... you can't really put them down on a car seat or less than level flat surface. They roll easily. The other is that the Aura Mini tanks are designed for mouth inhales and up to moderate lung inhales. If you lung inhale and draw hard, you will get a slight off taste from  your juice. That isn't really the target market for these devices though ... that shouldn't ben an issue for most.

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

I plan on recommending the VapeOnly to anyone switching from tobacco to vaping and to beginners looking for an upgrade from an eGo/EVOD kit. This is definitely a premium kit at an entry level price. The safety features are incredible at this price point and even features a glass tank with a color matched metal shroud protecting the glass. It has a view port to see the liquid level remaining and doubles as the top fill mark as well. There's no muss, no fuss. The battery is designed for the tank and coils and are perfectly matched. This is a no-brainer. The value proposition is there and the price point is perfect.

What’s in the box?

  • VapeOnly Aura Mini assembled 1450 mAh battery with Aura Mini atomizer (includes plastic drip tip)
  • Spare Stainless Steel drip tip
  • User instructions
  • 0.33 Ohm coil
  • 0.5 Ohm Coil
  • Packaging is excellent, and includes a scratch-protector sleeve for the battery/atomizer