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Lrider Lambo 6.0 20W

Lrider Technology was founded in 2008 and is one of the pioneers and leading electronic cigarette manufacturers in the world.

Their latest flagship product is the Lambo 6.0 – a 20 watt eCig that delivers the most power available today. The unit at the right shows a rounded top, but the one I received and reviewed has a flat top. 

It is a quality built device in a brushed stainless steel finish. This variable voltage and variable wattage mod features:

  • variable voltage from 3.0 to 6.0 volts in 0.1 volt increments
  • variable wattage from 1.0 to 20 watts on 1 watt increments
  • displays battery voltage
  • displays atomizer resistance
  • high contrast blue digital display
  • 360° firing button (no stick)
  • uses one 18650 high drain battery
  • very easy to operate system
  • reverse battery protection
  • atomizer short circuit protection
  • five vent holes for added safety (one large, four smaller)
  • brushed stainless steel has anti-fingerprint smudge-free design

The full kit includes the Lambo 6.0 in brushed stainless steel finish, two clearomizers, two 20C high drain 18650 batteries, battery charger, instructions and gift box.

The unit is extremely well balanced with no weight differentiation top to bottom. It handles nicely. The firing button is in the typical Lrider location and perfectly positioned for use. The two buttons above it are the selection buttons. I like the size and position of those too. I find the LCD a bit small, but it is very high contrast, easy to read, and intuitive. I also note that it is much easier to read than the vast majority of digital displays on mods. The digital display is also completely flush with the body of the Lambo 6.0. Very well assembled, just terrific construction with an incredible eye to detail.

I noted above that the unit I received has a flat top. I was initially concerned about this, particularly since I was planning on using a large clearomizer to test this with. Lrider have perfectly engineered this device: there are eight dimples in the top that add a very nice took overall to the unit. Four of those dimples have holes that are not that noticeable: a great feature, they do not take away from the great looking design, yet are totally functional. The dimples match their equivalent dimples on the bottom battery cap – and those match the eight recessed bars along the battery tube. Superbly thought out.

Using the Lrider Lambo 6.0 is quite the experience. First you know that you are using the most powerful commercial mod available. This thing outputs 20 watts. This is so powerful, I had to rewrite my Ohms Calculator to handle this. There are different ways of looking at this extreme capability. If you put a low resistance clearomizer on the unit and set it to 20 watts, the voltage draw from the battery means the battery will last a lot longer. If you put a high resistance clearomizer on the unit, you can get away with a lower price. Regardless, it is one awesome hit of flavor and vapor. More surprising, though, is the Lambo 6.0 will also sub-ohm. I am not into that, but other users are reporting using the Lambo 6.0 at 0.6 and 0.7 ohms with no problem whatsoever. This is one power house mod right out of the box – and a great value.

One aspect of mods that I have learned to detest is how difficult they are to change from one function to another. Switcing from volts to watts and trying to use the display of ohm resistance and remaining battery power can be challenging. There are so many areas that the Lambo 6.0 excels at, and in simplicity to use, it exceeds basic simplicity. Just press the firing button three times and the function changes. Three more times, changes again. Get to the volt display and the plus and minus buttons change the voltage. Get to the wattage display and the plus and minus buttons change the wattage. I was able to cycle through every function and change everything in the time it usually takes just to switch one function on other mods. This is really convenient and extremely simple. 

I vaped this unit at every possible wattage setting and had a great experience at everything over 6.0 watts (that is a personal issue, though). I expected once I got over 10 watts to start getting some powerful throat "burns", but the Lambo 6.0 was smooth straight through to 20 watts (I was using it with a Nautilus tank with a 1.5 ohm coil). I also tried it at every voltage setting from 3.0 right up to 6.0. Same experience, very smooth and no unexpected peaking. The ohm resistance display is dead on. I tried it with several clearomizers and it reported accurately the coil resistance I had on. Over several hours, I also displayed remaining battery power and verified with a multimeter that the digital display of the Lambo 6.0 is totally accurate. Lrider have hit a home run with this. It's powerful, accurate, and very easy to use.

I was careful with the testing and review of the Lrider Lambo 6.0 ... we are giving this unit away as part of our first contest and I wanted to make sure it was in new condition. So, no drop tests. However, I am 100% confident this unit would hold out against a drop or a small bang. It's stainless steel after all and design/built by Lrider. Built like a tank, reasonable weight, solid construction ... 

The only way to improve it? put it in your hand and use it.

You can view the full specifications at the Lrider website.