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Joyetech eVic

The Intelligent Personal Vaporizer. The Joyetech eVic.

The eVic uses a visual operating system which is able to record and manage your vaping. The eVic system realizes human-machine interaction by coupling with your computer to display your vaping information and preferences.

The eVic is the most advanced personal vaporizer available. Crafted in aluminum, it is also a very light weight with all day power with its replaceable and rechargeable battery.

Combined with the Joyetech's MVR software, the eVic provides you with a vaping experience unmatched by any other product. MVR, or My Vaping Record, interacts directly with the eVic to provide you not only your vaping history, but access to all the possible configuration options. The eVic is advanced, and it truly becomes a "personal" vaporizer. Totally personal.

By the time I was ready to test and review the eVic, I had already been using Joyetech products exclusively for more than one week. Impressed is an under statement. Joyetech has every aspect of vaping covered with innovative designs, leading edge technology, high quality materials and extreme build tolerances. The fit and finish is excellent. 

Within the past week, I have tested and reviewed the new Joyetech eCom and the recently released eMode. Both are outstanding and both include some surprising features – features that are simply not available on other vaporizers at any level. Joyetech is doing things right and I suspect the eVic is the device that started this forward thinking. 

One of the first features to cover is the eVic Control Head. This is the "brains" of the unit and connects directly with your PC or Mac through the MVR software. 

The connection is through a USB data cable that is on the Control Head. When I connected this, I ended up with a few surprises:

  • The USB port is covered with a nice plastic element that stays put ... it is attached to a retainer that keeps the USB cover attached to the head
  • The USB port is also a PASS THROUGH charger. When you plug in the USB data cable, just make sure the eVic is powered on and you can vape away while it recharges through the USB cable. Think about this: this is an 18650 device that has a built-in charger ... with most chargers costing at least $30, this is a net savings.
  • The interaction between the MVR software and the eVic Control Head is in real time ... the software reads your eVic data, allows you to change settings and preferences and writes back to the eVic ... all in your control.

This is one full and complete system. The box includes a comprehensive and complete manual, plus:

  • the eVic Control Head
  • 18650 battery tube
  • rechargeable 2600 mAh battery
  • eVic USB cable
  • eVic wall adaptor
  • eVic user manual
  • MVR user manual
  • plus two spare USB plastic covers

The total length of the unit (without an atomizer) is 124 mm (4.89 in.) and only weighs 114 grams (4.02 ounces). There are threads at three points: 1) at the bottom cap; 2) at the top of the battery tube; and, 3) at the top of the unit where the beauty ring covers the 510/eGo atomizer connector. All of these machined threads on the unit are incredibly smooth and buttery. Very impressive in features, a classic appearance, and well balanced handling. 

Let's look at this in more detail, starting with the battery tube. Joyetech have two colors available for the battery tube (and matching beauty ring at the top). There is black, and a "blasted" silver color. The battery tube is a very light weight aluminum with a chrome bottom threaded cap. The threaded cap is very smooth to thread on and off with a spring that is properly tensioned. At the top of the battery tube, there is a plastic ring that limits the travel of the battery. The battery itself is a Samsung ICR 2600 mAh (ICR18650-26F) flat top unit. ICR batteries are not known as "high-drain", Joyetech must have some wizardry going on here to get this to last as long as it does. I managed to get a full day of vaping while using this at 9.0 to 9.5 watts throughout the day. I would have expected an ICR battery, even at 2600 mAh, to run out of juice after about 11 or so hours.

The eVic Control Head is threaded on to the top of the battery tube. At the bottom of the Control Head is the selector ring. The selector ring has limits counter clock-wise and clock-wise and interacts with the Control Head menu system. You select menu options and features with the selector ring and confirm your choice by pressing the firing button. The menu system is unusual for an advanced personal vaporizer – most of these units have the menu system on a cross plane with the direction of the battery tube. On those devices, the menu system either suits someone that is left handed or right handed (one or the other, but not both). The Joyetech takes a different approach and presents the menu as you would hold the unit, that is it can be viewed as you hold it. Perfect for anyone either right or left handed and perfectly intuitive. The eVic Control Head is also one of the smallest I have ever seen or handled. It packs a lot of information in a small area. The screen itself is translucent ... you do not even know a menu is there until you need it. And when you need it, the amount of information is easily read and thorough.

The eVic Control Head also includes the atomizer connector: this is completely compatible with atomizers with 510 and/or eGo threads. These are covered by a nicely bevelled beauty ring. The beauty ring at the control head end is 23 mm and at the narrowest point of the bevel is 20 mm. I understand there is a straight beauty ring available for larger tanks. The bevelled beauty ring nicely hides the 510/eGo connector and is slotted for air flow (needed on some flat bottom atomizers).

I have tested quite a few advanced personal vaporizers prior to testing the Joyetech eVic and eMode. Quite frankly, none measure up to these two power house devices. The only aspect that I would have like to have added to this review would be testing the eVic Changeable Atomizer type A or B. 

The verdict on this: This is my advanced personal vaporizer now. I plan on using this regularly ... not only that, but I plan on getting a spare. I just can't image being without this now. I do plan on buying the Joyetech eVic Changeable Atomizer and locating an 18350 tube to try this in "stealth" mode.

Joyetech has supplied two of their branded eLiquids: Apple and Strawberry Mango Ice. First, let me explain that I never use supplied juice in any test or review. I only use juice that I know and have vaped for some time. That is the only way to properly evaluate any tank (or system) and its ability to transfer flavor, throat hit, and vape experience. After the testing and review were complete, I also wanted to test the eLiquids Joyetech had sent. The sampler bottles are both 10 ml. These are packaged with a narrow drip tip. Both are 6 mg/ml strength – that is about half the strength I usually use.  The Joyetech eLiquid is awesome with outstanding flavor. Despite the lower strength than I am used to, the throat hit and satisfaction was great. After completing the test and review, I vaped the Strawberry Mango Ice with the eVic (on a Kanger Mini Protank 3). Trust me, I will be in contact with Joyetech to find a local supplier for their juices. I really like the quality and taste of their eLiquids.

Every vendor of juice should take note of Joyetech's efforts here. The packaging is absolutely incredible. The box itself contains appropriate instructions, warnings, and use disclaimers. The bottle is safety sealed with a break away ring once the top is twisted. It's a safety cap that is designed to be child-proof. Both the box and bottle have printed "best before" date, strength, and flavor. There is no information on the PG/VG ratio used in the Joyetech eLiquids. I did request additional information from Joyetech and am told that it is approximately 60/40. (Sixty percent propylene glycol, forty percent vegetable glycerine). For those with diabetes and pancreatitis, this is a bit high on the PG side – you will have to decide on using this ratio of mix. I would like to point out though that the quality of the juice, the taste, and the packaging make this one worthwhile juice to have. I also encourage you to visit the Joyetech website and read up on the history of Joyetech Flavors & Fragrances company that was founded in December of 2012. Not only are the Joyetech juices formulated for optimal use in Joyetech products, they use sanitary and safe processes.