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Joyetech eCom

The first personal vaporizer was invented by Herbert A. Gilbert in 1963. His system was based on replacing tobacco cigarettes with a flavored liquid. The first nicotine-based personal vaporizer was patented by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in 2003.

Since then, Joyetech has led the industry first by solving a huge problem with 510 manual batteries that solved the issue of leaking juice damaging automatic batteries (2008). In October of 2009, Joyetech introduced the eGo system and expanded the range of convenience, power, and flexibility to a growing vaping user base. The eGo was truly a revolutionary step that provided extended battery life in a sleek design. In 2010, Joyetech took another leadership step with the introduction of the eGo-T system. The eGo-T tank based system separates the atomizer and tank with an easy to refill approach. Joyetech also developed the eCab, the first eGo sized system with replaceable batteries.?

It's been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I'm sure Joyetech must feel tons of flattery. Their innovations have been copied and cloned so much that even their logo has been ruthlessly applied to imitations. The problem with copies and clones ... there's no real feeling.

When you hold a Joyetech product, you sense the passion it took to research and develop. You sense the thought process that considered every possible aspect of using the product. Even the packaging is thorough and complete.

I was excited about testing the new Joyetech eCom. Not only because of the company behind it, but this is ground-breaking, leading edge technology that promises the same revolutionary steps for vapers. The Joyetech eCom is an eGo sized system (14 mm) available in 650 mAh and 1000 mAh that introduces an entirely new set of features that provide excellent functionality and will ultimately save users money. It's both a variable voltage and variable wattage system in a familiar form. That alone is a technical leap for the industry – but they have further enhanced the eCom with a built in, pass-through, USB charger. 

I received the single unit kit that includes:

  • One VV / VW 650 mAh battery
  • One eCom Atomizer
  • One wall charger
  • One USB cable
  • One spare atomizer (coil)
  • One spare mouth piece
  • One mouth piece adapter (to use a 510 style drip tip)
  • Authentication card
  • and a thorough and complete user manual

... and all in an attractive gift box. The eCom I tested is brushed stainless steel.

This is a complete kit, ready to vape. Just add your eLiquid and you are all set.

Let's look closer at this, first as a complete system. The Joyetech eCom is an attractive and functional personal vaporizer system. You really do not need anything else other than your consummables (juice, or eLiquid). Filling the tank is an incredibly simple process. It loads from the top. Unscrew the mouth piece and you expose a gray silicone piece with three holes and one cut out. One of the holes is labeled "Fill" with an arrow pointing to it. Insert your needle bottle in that hole and squeeze the bottle. You can easily see the level of juice in the tank with through the tank view ports. On my initial fill, I filled to about the three-quarter point. While you have the mouth piece removed to add eLiquid, you should notice the cut out area that has a tiny screw in it. That is the adjustment for air flow. Joyetech include a tool to adjust this – however, the air flow is well set from the factory – I did not need to adjust it (I would suspect that anyone that prefers a mouth draw to not need adjustment either). Anytime you use a tank that is new, you really need to "prime" the tank so that when you press the button you are not firing dry hits. There are two ways to prime your tank: 1) let it sit for 5-6 minutes while the juice reaches the internal wicks and coil; or, 2) prime it with about 10 inhale/exhale puffs through the mouth piece. I usually do the second priming technique and start vaping right away. One other aspect of the priming: I press the button quickly and draw (or puff) longer until I can see some vapor on exhale. I then press the button for longer periods. Keep in mind, this is only when using a tank for the first time (or switching to a new coil). With the Joyetech eCom, this priming process took a total of about 15 seconds. The eCom atomizer has a feature so that you cannot burn out the coil when there is no juice. 

The eCom atomizer is completely assembled with a 2.4 ohm coil.The eCom atomizer will only work on an eCom battery (it will not work on 510 or other eGo threaded batteries). I measured the eCom atomizer at 14 mm in diameter with a total length of 76 mm with the mouth piece in place. The tank itself has a capacity of 1.5 ml. This is roughly equivalent to 15 cigarettes for a one-pack a day former smoker. Combined with the eCom battery tube, this is completely color matched with a perfect fit. 

The battery component is dual function supporting variable voltage from 3.3 volts to 4.8 volts and variable wattage from 4.5 watts to 9.6 watts. This is achieved by a twist style adjuster at the bottom of the battery. The same adjuster works for both vv and vw. You can select which is the default by pressing the actuator button for 1.5 seconds (without the atomizer on the unit) to switch between vv and vw. The button itself is multi function. Press it five times quickly and it powers the battery on and off. Press and hold to actuate the tank atomizer. 

The vast majority of vapers will be comfortable at 8.0 to 8.5 watts. The only time to exceed that is with some types of eLiquid and that would be to get a bit more flavor. The Joyetech eCom supports variable wattage up to 9.6 watts. I used it from its lowest level of 4.5 watts all the way to 9.6 and several in between. It seems to be a lot more powerful at all ranges. Even at the lowest setting of 4.5 watts, the eCom was generating one powerful vape with amazing throat hit. I regularly vape at 8.5 on various other devices – the equivalent on the eCom seemed to be at 7.0 watts. I also tested the variable voltage and found the range to be excellent and dead accurate. The adjuster on the battery is slightly bevelled, and is very smooth action to turn. 

Joyetech leads the market in comprehensive designs that are not only attractive but thoroughly functional. The company is impressive, the products appealing, and exceed expectations. After refilling the eCom atomizer three times, the battery needed recharging. Only problem is that I didn't want to stop using it. The draw is so smooth and quiet. So, I pulled the small USB cover and plugged in a portable charger that I have. Here's where the eCom exceeded expectation. IT IS A PASS-THROUGH USB CHARGING SYSTEM! The USB charger is built into the eCom, all I needed to do was connect a cable to a power source. As it is charging, I kept vaping away. And, by the way, the 650 mAh battery lasted about 8 hours before needing a recharge.

A very impressive unit with the battery and clearomizer coordinated in color and appearance. I learned quickly with my first Joyetech eGo battery to "palm" the device. I didn't hold it the same as I would a regular cigarette or even one of the Cig-Alike devices (sort of with a finger wrapped around the tube portion). The eCom, however, can be either palmed or have the finger wrap around the tube. The button is a new style oval shape that can be easily pressed simply by putting a bit of pressure from a finger wrapped around the tube. One aspect of an eGo style battery that suggests palming is the weight. The eCom weight may be slightly less, but combined with the eCom atomizer, it is much lighter with perfect balance. 

My only desire: I wish the eCom would have been available much earlier than this. The other batteries, clearomizers, and "systems" I tried all were lacking in some aspect. I kept trying new items to overcome those limitations and ended up spending quite a few dollars to achieve my perfect system. The eCom is that complete system with nothing missing. It's perfect as it is and I highly recommend it.

Notes:  you need to be aware that the eCom battery is only compatible with eCom Atomizer at this point. While it has an eGo thread, other clearomizers will not work on the eCom battery. The eCom atomizer also cannot be used on other devices.