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Eleaf iJust

The Eleaf iJust is a full Variable Voltage system that includes:

  • Two Drip Tips (one metal, one plastic)
  • Two iJust Atomizer coils
  • iJust Atomizer Tube
  • BDC Atomizer Head
  • iJust Atomizer Base
  • iJust Battery Housing
  • iJust Drawtube
  • Battery Extension (for 18650 batteries)
  • Battery End Cap
  • iJust USB Cable
  • iJust Wall Charger
  • iJust User Manual

Note: The Eleaf website lists other items as included. The package I received was factory shrink wrapped and included only the items above. 

I have yet to find any pictures (or take any) that do this product justice. It is an attractive looking Advanced Personal Vaporizer that is actually reasonably small and light. This is designed to accommodate either an 18350 or 18650 battery. The battery section with an 18350 battery in place is 81.2 mm (3.24 in.). With an 18650 battery in place, the iJust is 111.4 mm (4.39 in.). The atomizer (without the drip tip) is 36.46 mm (1.44 in.) and with the drip tip 56.25 mm (2.2 in.). The test of how small this is comes when you put it in your hand: with the 18350 battery the entire system fits in your hand quite nicely with only the drip tip and top part of the tank showing. For those interested in "stealth", this is an excellent unit.

The atomizer appears to be integrated into the battery tube. It's a nice effect. The finish and diameter are identical (21.95 mm or 0.86 in.). But, it does come off  and is a 510 threaded device. The entire atomizer can be disassembled for cleaning and replacing the Bottom Dual Coil. The tank itself is glass, so vape away (even with tank cracker juices).

The documentation does not specify, but it appears the battery tube is made of aluminum. The atomizer, though, is a combination of stainless steel and glass for the main parts. 

This atomizer features an air flow adjustment. I really like how this has "infinity" adjustment to suit even the most demanding vaper. The adjustment is with a set-screw. I had to adjust the one I received. Since I am a mouth vaper, I turned the air adjustment screw all the way in to block the air flow, and then turned it back out to my comfort level. A lung vaper would open it as far as possible, even removing the air adjustment screw to increase the air flow to a two-hole system.

This atomizer will hold 3.7 ml of juice. You can't overfill past that without getting juice into the air flow tube. Not worth trying.

You really do not need the instruction manual (it is included in the package). This is an incredibly simple system to use. It works like most eGo style batteries: 5 clicks on, 5 clicks off. The led light in the firing button flashes to indicate on/off. The light will also blink when the battery needs recharging. 

The firing button has dual features. First, press it to vape, release when finished puffing. It has a great tactile feel to it, you know that it has positively been pressed with a subdued click feel. There is an outer ring to adjust the variable voltage. The range is from 3.3 volts to 4.8 volts and everything in between. The outer ring has no detente however. As you press the firing button to vape, there is a possibility of shifting the voltage. I had that happen a few times, but it is a relatively minor issue.

I used this with several Efest 18350 800 mAh batteries. Each battery lasted between 6 and 7 hours of consistent vaping, about average for these batteries. 

Switching from 18350 to 18650 is not quite as fast and simple as I would have liked. The Eleaf iJust has what Eleaf calls a "drawtube" and a "drive pipe". Not sure if that is loose translated to more meaningful terms in their language, but the "drive pipe" is an unthreaded extension tube, and the "drawtube" is an inner threaded extender. Regardless of the battery used, you will need the "drawtube". You only need the "drive pipe" when using an 18650 battery. That's where the inconvenience comes in. If you have an 18350 battery in the iJust, you have to remove the end cap, unscrew the "drawtube" (threaded the full length), and remove the 18350. Then reverse: insert the 18650, add the "drive pipe", thread the "drawtube" and then thread the end cap. Fortunately, most will still with the same battery type and only have to do this occasionally. I was quite pleased using it as an 18650 device. 

The atomizer came with an 1.8 ohm coil. First, my congratulations to Eleaf for making a new coil unique to this device: that is one bold move on their part. Most manufacturers would provide compatibility with Aspire or Kanger style coils, but the Eleaf coil is somewhat unique. The bottom portion of the coil looks like an Aspire coil, but it has an air flow tube extender similar to a Kanger style coil. There are no visible wicks, but they are there. 

I did my level best to get a dry  hit from this atomizer. Not a chance, even when using thick VG juice. The only way I could get a dry hit was by running out of juice. It's the same with gurggling sounds or "air suck", this is one quiet well behaved atomizer. Very impressive. Flavor transfer was exceptional. This is easily among the best atomizers available. 

Filling the atomizer is simple. It is a bottom fill unit, so remove the bottom. That exposes the coil (see picture at right) where you can see the difference in the coil design. Filling this with eLiquid is easy. There is a bridge across the air flow hole with huge gaps. You can use a regular eLiquid bottle, there is no need for specialized narrow needle droppers. You do have to avoid the air flow tube, though. It is absolutely level with the "bridge" ... overfill and you get juice into the air flow chamber and will have to clean that out before vaping.

On other devices, I vape at either 4.2 volts or 8.5 watts (with minor adjustments for different coils). With this unit, I would have picked the same settings – however – I was able to take this down a notch to 4.0 volts and still had the same throat hit and exceptional flavor.

The Eleaf iJust is provided by and is available on their website for $54.95. This is an exceptional deal, the atomizer alone is worth half the price! ... and I highly recommend it.