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Cool Fire 2 from Total Evapes

Add an 18350 battery and a bit of eLiquid to the Innokin Cool Fire 2 kit and you are ready to vape ... an unusual vape, though. 

Innokin designed this to be easy to use and appeals to a particular segment of electronic cigarette users. The Cool Fire 2 is an unusual design. It's oval shape reminds of a grenade. I would hate to have to come up with an explanation for this device at any security check point.

It is a robust and solid device, but does fit in the hand quite nicely. It is simple to use with a rotating ring above the firing button for the variable wattage function. You can use the Cool Fire 2 at preset wattage of 7.0, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11.0, 12.0, or 12.5 watts. The watt selector ring has a detente type position selector. While you can stop the ring outside of one of the detente positions, it will not fire outside of its preset range.

Other than its shape, this is a superb system. I really like the focus on variable wattage. This is the best aspect of the variable choices: when you have a variable wattage system, it just doesn't matter what clearomizer you use, you get the wattage you selected. Change clearomizers and the vaping experience remains the same. 

The Innokin Cool Fire 2 uses one single 18350 IMR battery. I had previously tested the Cool Fire 1 with one of the new Efest "purple" high drain batteries that was fully charged and showing 4.1 volts. Putting this battery in the Cool Fire 2 is a bit more of a challenge. The spring in the threaded bottom seems to be stiffer in the Cool Fire 2 and required a bit more pressure to get the threads started. Other than this small challenge, everything else about the Cool Fire 2 is simple to use.

Most users comfortably vape at between 7 and 9 watts. I personally vape at around 8 to 8.5 watts. Innokin has several presets with the Cool Fire 2. I tried them all and found them to be "smooth" at all settings. That is the Cool Fire 2 does not burst power to the coil even at the highest setting. It's a vape experience that alters the amount of smoke and taste, but not such as to burn. I did end up at my favorite setting of 8.5, though. It is nice to know that with some eLiquids, I can ramp that up a bit for additional flavor or throat hit. 

The vaping experience is outstanding. I ended up with the same vaping experience and taste as my other mod that is set to the same 8.5 watts (but much higher price). When I  unpacked the iClear 30b that comes with the Cool Fire 1, put the same eLiquid in the iClear 30S that I had in my first test, and used that. Identical experience. I then used an inexpensive top coil clearomizer and filled it with the same eLiquid. Identical experience. I then tried a fourth clearomizer that is bottom dual coil: identical experience. If you want consistency regardless of which clearomizer you use, the Cool Fire 2 is an excellent choice.

The Cool Fire 2 may look like a grenade, but it's built like a tank. Solid, remarkable and reliable. Smooth threads and smooth finish. Since the Cool Fire 2 is designed to consistently deliver the same wattage, it does not require the huge head found on other mods. You should also note that this unit is very easy to clean. The threaded area around the head has a "beauty ring" (if you can call it that) that is removable. Thread it off and you can easily access the 510/eGo threaded area to keep it clean.

The firing button is also located nicely and can be easily reached with either your thumb, index or middle finger. Great flexibility in how you use this.

I like "stealth" vaping, that is where the unit I am vaping is as "un"visible as possible. The Cool Fire 1 and Cool Fire 2 both fit the bill – and with maximum compatibility. The top threads are compatible with 510 and eGo clearomizers.  

Total Evapes has an incredible deal on this unit: the Cool Fire 2 kit includes the Cool Fire 2 and an iClear 30B for $57.50. If you are fortunate to live in the GTA, you can also arrange for pick up and avoid shipping wait times and costs.