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Cool Fire 1 accessories from

The Innokin Cool Fire 1 system is my main vaping device. It is preset at 8.5 watts and is quite a stealthy device. It is light and easily fits in the hand, exposing only the top part of the atomizer and drip tip.

The only issue is that it is limited to an 18350 battery. While that does provide 6 to 7 hours of vaping, when I am away from home or office, six or seven hours may not be enough. It is also quite inconvenient to swap out batteries while on the road. I usually bring either my MVP or eVic for longer vaping times.

That is, until today. now carry an Innokin 18650 Adapter Tube. sell this for $4.95 ... quite an inexpensive price for increased vaping time and the ability to use higher mAh batteries.

The 18650 Adapter Tube is the same metal and finish as the Cool Fire 1. It fits with the overall look and adds only 30 mm to the total length. For those times that you want (or need) the extra vaping time, this is one inexpensive way accessory. Seriously, it's a must have that you can leave in your car.

Drop by the website and grab one of these. You can't beat the $4.95 price.