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Innokin CLK 1280 from Canvape

Innokin has some significant innovations in the past year. Amont them are this newly released Innokin CLK 1280 Variable Voltage eGo style Express Kit.

It's packaged in a clear acetate box and sealed at the factory. The package include:

  • CLK 1280 (1280 mAh battery)
  • Lanyard and lanyard ring
  • Beauty ring
  • USB (micro) charge cable 
  • Instructions printed on the packaging

The CLK 1280 also has a built in USB charge port located near the firing button. It's covered with a small plastic cover, just remove that, plus in the USB cable and it's charging. And, it's pass-through as well – charge while you vape.

The one that I tested and reviewed is as shown at the right. A really nice black unit. They are also available in a total of four colors:

As you can see at the left, you can get these in White, Pink, Silver, and Black.

The CLK 1280 is Variable Voltage. The adjustment ring at the bottom of the unit is considerably better than earlier VV devices with the numbers easy to see and a mark clearly visible so that you can tell at a glance what the setting is. This is a "detente" type system with stepped voltage settings of 3.5, 3.8, 4.0, 4.3, 4.5, 4.8, and 5.0. I did use a meter to test the voltage output and they are accurate within reasonable tolerances.

I used the CLK 1280 with several different atomizers, some from Innokin, some from Aspire. Regardless of the atomizer, I did notice that the power transfer to the coil was very fast, nearly instantaneous. I also noticed a very nice smooth vape. Older devices didn't quite get the power modulation right ... Innokin products have always been on the mark with no harsh pulses that give a burning edge to the vapor. The CLK 1280 is even improving on this with a nice smooth power flow to the coil. The vapor production is on par with other advanced personal vaporizers. 

Using the rule of thumb that 100 mAh is equivalent to about 1 hour of vaping, I was expecting the CLK 1280 to last around twelve hours. I ended up with approximately 10 hours of regular use – but at 4.0 volts. I suspect if I had set this a bit lower, like 3.8, I would have a bit more battery time. If you set yours at a higher voltage, you should expect a creeping down on the battery charge time. 5.0 volts, for example, will yield about 8.5 to 9 hours of vaping time. Keep in mind that also depends on the resistance of your coil. 

Innokin recommend an optimal resistance of 2.5 ohms for the CLK 1280. The closest I had was 2.1 ohms, and a few others at 1.8 ohms. I did find a better flavor with the 2.1 ohm coil. When you buy your CLK 1280, get a few coils from 2.0 ohms and up to 2.5 ohms to test out the ideal vape for you.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? The Innokin CLK 1280 has a larger diameter than the standard eGo twist or spinner style batteries – by nearly 4 mm. The larger diameter adds comfort to the hand without adding much weight. This really is designed to use with a lanyard and both the lanyard and lanyard ring are included. I really like this CLK 1280, in part because it has a familiar form factor but mainly because it looks different than the standard eGo and EVOD batteries. It's attractive and nice to use. I must say that I have never used a lanyard before and was very frustrated with laying down an eGo only to have it roll away. The CLK 1280 solves this, without giving up the option of removing the lanyard. It's also a bonus that the USB charger is built into the battery (near the firing button). All you really need to have with you is a micro USB charge cable – and it's pass through too. With the 1280 mAh capacity, this will last through a full work day. I'd consider this an excellent upgrade battery.

Here's a link to the Innokin CLK 1280 manual.