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Reuleux DNA 200

The review is coming soon.

We had some problems with the Reuleux DNA 200. We picked it up knowing in advance that it was DOA (Dead-On-Arrival). A customer had returned it with symptoms that appear to be quite common to the Reuleux DNA 200. That is, the screen will display after inserting batteries, but will not fire.

On attempting to fire, it appears that it "dies" or "shuts down". That is typically a symptom of a short somewhere in the device.

We took it apart to see if there was anything obvious that could be fixed readily. Nothing obvious. It was put away in our parts bin, but today decided to pull it back out for a full tear down. We were planning on putting a tutorial together on how to tear down this device and do a full build. We thought, perhaps, the fuse on the circuit board was blown and would be easy to solder a new one in.

We were more critical of looking this over this time around. We noticed that the battery sled had circular plastic protrusions at end positive end.

When we matched that up with the batteries we were trying to use, we noticed that the contact was barely touching the battery end. That would account for the shut-down – without a firm connection, the battery would appear to be shorting out.

So, to the battery bin we went. The batteries that would not work were the Efest brand ... none of our Efest batteries would work on the Reuleux DNA 200.

We then tried Sony VTC 5 ... and bingo, a fully functional Reuleux DNA 200. Then we tried the LG HG2 3000 mAh batteries ... and bingo, a fully functional Reuleux DNA 200.

It well may be that cutting down those plastic protrusions would also let you use other batteries, but we are satisfied enough finding the issue and finding batteries that would work with this device.

The two pictures posted here show the plastic protrusions. They are the circles sticking out past the gold colored contacts.

There is one at the top of the device, and two at the bottom of the device.

Don't give up on the Reuleux DNA 200. It's powered by the Evolv DNA 200 chipset, one of the most advanced and powerful vaping chipsets available.

Just get the right batteries ... and try them out before putting your hard earned cash on the counter ...

Best of luck with yours, and come back for the full review.