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Reuleux DNA 200

The Reuleux DNA 200 is near the top of the price scale for DNA 200 mods. But, it's by far the best overall value you can get.

It's an odd shape to accommodate a total of three 18650 batteries. Yet, it is comfortable in the hand. There are no hard edges, the curves sit nicely in the folds at the back of the hand and the folds of your fingers.

The Reuleux DNA 200 is one of the few devices that is designed to use the Evolv DNA 200 chipset with Lithium Ion (Li Ion) 18650 batteries. All the others use Lithium Polymer (Li Po) batteries. The versions that use Li Po batteries have battery covers that are screwed in place, the Reuleux DNA 200 uses a magnetic back cover so that you can remove the batteries and charge them externally or replace them. Both Li Ion and Li Po DNA 200 devices can also be charged through a micro USB port on the device. All have a 1 amp balanced charger built into the device for this purpose, with the notable exception of the Vaporshark that has a 2 amp balanced charger (Zip Charge feature).

The Reuleux DNA 200 mod is shown at the right. It's similar in design to the Reuleux RX200 that we have previously reviewed. The RX200, according to the designers, came about due to a shortage of Evolv DNA 200 boards.

Other than the back battery cover and buttons, no parts are interchangeable. The front screen cover is a slightly different shape.

The Reuleux DNA 200 comes in one color combination. It's a silver color with a pewter color contrast.

Both have similar shapes, both use three 18650 batteries, both can be charged through the micro USB port, and functionality is similar. Both support temperature control. The price difference is huge, though – the Reuleux DNA 200 is almost three times the price of the RX200.

The unit we received was defective. DOA (Dead On Arrival) means that the person who originally purchased this device was unable to get it working out of the box. We had exactly the same results and published an article on a fix for the common issue we found. It has been working flawlessly since we applied our fix.

We choose three LG HG2 3000 mAh batteries to use with this device. The batteries were new, the capacity incredible.

The Reuleux DNA 200 magnetic back slides off with a pull on one of the sides. There is a fingernail slot on each side for this purpose. The magnets are excellent and hold the back in place quite firmly.

Batteries are connected in series. That means that you are getting a total of 11.1 volts of power (3X 3.7 volts for each battery) and a total of 3000 mAh. To calculate Watt Hours, you multiply the mAh times the voltage and divide by 1000 for a total of 11.1 watt hours. At a draw of 3.7 volts, you should get 11.1 hours of vaping time. Of course, very rarely will you draw only 3.7 volts. If you sub-ohm or use temperature control, you will likely be drawing over 4.0-4.2 volts, reducing your total vaping time. In use, we were drawing about 4.0 volts and managed to get about 9 hours of vape time.

The 510 connector sits in a 22mm recessed area. The connector itself is stainless steel and the pin is floating and gold colored.

Overall the case is 0.97% efficient.

For a device at this price point, I would expect the designer (JayBo) and Wismec to put a bit more time into the engineering and build.

The battery sled that holds the three 18650 batteries is not the greatest design. Read our article on the fix for the common problem found with this device to see what we mean, pictures are included of the problem.

Despite this, we're glad we persisted to get this working. The Reuleux DNA 200 is now one of the go-to devices to compare all other mods to. That's due to the Evolv chipset, though. All devices at or near the 200W spec function similar. The sister product of the Reuleux DNA 200 (the Reuleux RX200) is excellent. It's a tough call on recommending a device in this wattage range ... the DNA 200 devices are all at least twice the price and more often nearly three times the price of comparable wattage devices.

But, the DNA 200 is far more reliable. There are features buried in the internals of the DNA 200 chipset that make these well worth having.

Power transfer to the coil is exceptional. It's instantaneous. There's no waiting for your coil to heat up, you press the fire button and the coil is there – ready and waiting for your inhale. It's more satisfying. In temperature control mode, there is pre-heat that gets the coil going even faster. Despite this pre-heat ability, there is absolutely no dry hits – not even a hint of dry hit that you get with other devices.

All of the DNA 200 devices use Evolv's Escribe software that helps access the internals of the DNA 200 chipset. We've done a separate overview.

One quick note on Li Po battery sets in DNA 200 devices. If you go this route, you need to keep in mind that the Li Po batteries are "built in", meaning that when they reach their end of life for charge cycles, you will need to replace them yourself or buy a new unit. With 18650 battery based DNA 200 devices, you can simply swap the 18650's out anytime you want. And, if you plan on using any DNA 200 device at or near its 200w limits, you are much better off with Li Po based versions. The C rating on most of these DNA 200 devices is 20C (or more) – at this C rating, the higher amps mean less heat generated by the battery, and quicker pass through of the power to the coil.

Until we got the Reuleux DNA 200 up and running, our go to device for review comparisons was another Evolv based system: the Vaporshark rDNA 40. That was the most reliable, most consistent, and most accurate. The rDNA is now replaced with the DNA 200 devices.

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

For the average vaper, it is a difficult call to make. The cost is nearly three times higher than it's own sister product (the Reuleux RX200). The RX200 retails for $69.95 and the DNA 200 retails for $199.95. For sub-ohmers or those that vape at high wattage, the choice is clear: you have to get one of these. Used with a dripper, you have the perfect combination and safety on your side.

What’s in the box?

  • Reuleux DNA 200 device
  • micro USB cable

Review Update

Please be aware that there are problems with some tanks and the Wismec/Jaybo Reuleux RX200. One of the tanks most frequently mentioned is the TFV4. You can read about it here, along with Wismec's response.

We've experienced problems with some tanks (Smok TFV4, Smok GCT, Aspire Cleito) and an intermittent issue with the Uwell Rafale. An older tank with short threads will not make a negative connection. A close look at the Wismec/Jaybo shows the 510 pin is slightly off center as well after about one month of use.