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Evolv Escribe software

The DNA 200 chipset is made by Evolv, LLC.

The DNA 200 chipset is the most advanced available. Period. While many devices in the 200w range work well, none come close to the accuracy, reliability and power of the DNA 200.

There are a total of 93 options that you can modify to get to the perfect vape experience.

At the right is a picture of the DNA 200 board. Notice the micro USB port on the left of the board ... this is a 1 amp balanced charger. All DNA 200 based devices use this with one exception. The Vaporshark DNA 200 has a custom 2 amp balanced charger for the Vaporshark "Zip Charge". A 2 amp balanced charger, in theory at least, charges twice as fast as a 1 amp balanced charger. For your consideration: faster charging also shortens battery life.

This isn't a full review of each option. There are just too many components to go trough.

General Tab

In the General Tab is where you set all of your profiles. Profiles are essentially "memory" locations that you can jump to anytime. Each can have a totally different set of preferences. I used five of these for: Kanthal, Ni200, Titanium, Stainless steel TC, and Uwell's Stainless Steel 316 (non-TC). The others I left blank. Each each profile, you can set the material (type of coil), default wattage, and default temperature (if TC). If it is a TC coil, you can then adjust four additional parameters, mainly for pre-heat and how hard the initial "punch" of power is. In each profile, you can also have a custom screen. See the image below for the ones I created.

Theme Tab

This is where you can customize the display of just about every screen on the DNA 200 device. I completely customized every screen

In three of the screens you can enable/disable default settings displays as well. I disabled all the custom screens so that only the versions I created display.

Screen Tab

This is where you can change the display orientation, error flashes and messages. You can also customize the display when vaping, and when charging. There are also settings for brightness, and fading.

Materials Tab

The chipset ships with default settings for Ni200, Titanium, and SS 316. I added several custom material and customized the settings.

Mod Tab

This is where the bulk of the power in the settings is. There are some settings that you can change related to battery drain, battery capacity, etc.

Research Tab

This is mainly for Evolv, early adopters, and experimenting.


There are also menu options including a Device Monitor. I used this quite a bit to monitor charging cycles.

Here's a screen shot.


Not only can you change 93 settings to get the perfect vape, you can also customize the display and personalize that too. A bit of fluff, I guess, but a nice touch.

Overall, the Evolv DNA 200 is the best chipset available today. Hands down a winner.

Note: those of you with versions earlier than v1.0.42 should upgrade. Previous versions had problems ready the theme and profile pictures properly. The latest version (Feb. 2016) corrects that.