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Pioneer4You IPV V2

The IPV V2 is one excellent device. The form factor is quite nice, weight is appropriate (light side), and the vape experience is superb. We purchased a unit from Canvape for long-term testing and review purposes.

Pioneer4You, aka Green Leaf, is always one step ahead of the industry. When others were scrambling to release 20 watt devices, they released the Seven 22 at 22 watts – and followed that up with the Seven 30 at 30 watts. Both of these use the YiHi SX300 chipset. Then when everyone else was scrambling to release 30 watt box mods, they released the IPV at 35 watts. Now they are releasing the IPV V2 – at 50 watts it uses the YiHi SX330 v2 chipset.

The IPV is an original design, it's an authentic box mod of its own. It's packed in a box that looks like other box mods, though, but has a flush fitting 0.96" OLED display. The buttons are well labeled. The box housing itself has a generous battery air venting system. 

It's impossible to not look at this and compare it to the Hana DNA box mod. There are differences and all of them improvements. Where the Hana has a fixed 510 connector, the IPV V2 has an adjustable 510 connector. It is adjusted with a Philips head screw. Where the Hana has a single larger air vent hole at the bottom, the IPV V2 has 27 that provide significantly more air venting flow. Where the Hana has USB charge port on the side, the IPV V2 has a USB charge port on the bottom. I'd rather see it on the bottom: no one seems to grasp that the Hana has pass through capabilities. You can vape while it is charging. It's inconvenient with the USB cable sticking out the side. The IPV V2 solves this by putting the USB charge port on the bottom where it belongs. Not only that, but the Hana has a faint red glow while charging that is barely visible. When fully charged, the faint red glow changes to a nearly invisible green glow. The IPV V2 has three separate small LED's beside the USB port that are quite visible and display red while charging (the light is off when fully charged). In dimensions, the IPV V2 is slightly taller, but narrower in width and narrower in depth.

In other words, the IPV V2 has an edge over the Hana in all physical and functional aspects, including a whopping 50 watts. It does lack on one though: the Hana has an annoying "feature" that puts it in a sleep mode when not used for more than 10 seconds. You have to press the fire button to get it out of sleep mode, and then press the fire button to vape – twice, just to vape. Not so with the IPV V2. it does go in a mode where the display sleeps ... when you press the fire button you vape, period.

Ah, and where it really matters. The Hana accepts atomizers with a resistance range of 0.5 ohms to 3.3 ohms. The Hana clones have a range of 0.5 ohmns to 3.5 ohms (some up to 5 ohms). The IPV V2 has a range of 0.2 ohms to 3.0 ohms. Perfect for everyone from regular vapers to sub-ohm cloud chasers and everyone in between.

There are several colors available. Most vape shops have two colors in stock. As shown at the right, they are silver and gunmetal gray. You can also see one of the unusual features on a box mod ... it is most visible on the silver colored IPV V2 at the right – that's the round black button beside the 510 connector. That's a touch-sensitive firing button. Yes, that's right, the IPV V2 has two ways to fire. There's the button along the side that has a light clicking noise and is fully tactile. And, there's the touch sensitive button at the top. Nothing actually moves, it fires the atomizer just if your finger touches the round black part. One point to make about this feature: it only works when the IPV V2 is not in sleep mode ... that means no more than 10 seconds between uses. If the IPV V2 is in sleep mode, you have to click one of the buttons to be able to use the touch-sensitive area. In the same picture, you can also see the USB charge port. To the left of the USB charge port are the three LEDs that shown battery charging status. To the right of the USB charge port you can see the nine rows with three holes each for battery air venting. This is pass-through charging, by the way. Continue vaping while charging.

Included in the box:

  • The Pioneer4You IPV V2 mod
  • A user manual
  • USB charge cable
  • Small screw driver

The battery is not included. I would recommend the Sony VCT 4, VCT 5 or the Efest 35A battery. 

One of the features available on the IPV V2 that is not documented in the user manual is the ability to turn the Touch Sensor Fire pad on and off. To turn it off, simultaneously press the Fire button and – (minus) button for 2 seconds. To turn it on, simultaneously press the Fire button and + (plus) button for 2 seconds.

As much as a good portion of this review compares the Pioneer4You IPV V2 with the Hana, the IPV V2 is an outstanding advanced personal vaporizer that is superior to other box mods. This goes well beyond the wattage edge 50 watts gives this unit. It talks highly to the quality build, excellent fit and finish, and nice flat buttons that are comfortable to press. Pioneer4You have created a unique and authentic mod. It is not a clone, yet the price of this unit competes with even the lowest prices box mods that it trumps in quality and features.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? Uh, I don't often go out of my way to find a product. I have just about everything available for vaping or can get it shipped quickly. The IPV V2 is one that I have wanted for my own use for some time. It's light, it is well sized. And it is powerful. Once you insert the battery, just leave it. Charging is through the USB port that you can see in the lower right picture. And, it's pass-through, meaning that while it is charging you can continue vaping. Yes, I recommend the IPV V2 ... highly recommend it.

Update July 26 2014: This is an enjoyable device, fully regulated. I have been thoroughly impressed with how "smooth" it vapes. This is important: it is obvious that the power regulation in this advanced personal vaporizer is absolutely perfect. Power to the coil is instantaneous, if there is any lag time at all it is totally imperceptible.