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Cloupor T6 from The Canvape Store

OK, I waited. And the wait was worth it. 

This is a very nicely packaged device. The box has a woodgrain finish and nicely done. The contents:

  • USB retractable charge cord (micro USB)
  • Spares (three screws, four rare earth magnets)
  • Mini Philips head screwdriver
  • User instructions

I'm not sure why there are spares ... this is a really well designed and built device. The spares are a nice touch, but I seriously doubt anyone will ever need them. The build quality is incredible with a  highly professional looking interior.

First, let's discuss the size. I had expected a bulkier device. As it is, it is quite manageable with only the depth (thickness) that needs getting used to. It is 30.3 mm in depth to accommodate one of its greatest features: a compartment to hold a 26650 battery. If you are looking for the elusive all day vape without needing recharging, this is it. 26650 mods are taking the vaping community by storm. The batteries themselves are moving in the same direction as 18650 batteries were: increasing in safety and capacity.

The Cloupor T6 is available in four colors as shown at the left: Black, Red, Blue, and Silver. The silver one, as with the rest, are painted and cover a nice light aluminum box. I really like the buttons on this device: they are round and flatted at the top, making them easy to use all day long. They are designed specifically for repeated use, with a short throw. 

I tried this with "giant" style atomizers (28.5 and 30 mm) and they look perfectly comfortable sitting on top the Cloupor T6. I also put a full size Nautilus ... this is one of the few times the Nautilus is dwarfed by the size of the mod – and it does suit the Cloupor T6. Mini size tanks, though, are out of place. They work, but the mod just overwhelms small tanks. The 510 connector is adjustable with a small Philiips head screwdriver and is brass. Oh, and the 510 connector is perfectly positioned with equal spacing on three sides when a clearomizer is threaded in. So, all the way up to a 30 mm tank and no overhang. The 510 connector itself also is slightly raised above the top edge and sits inside an overflow well. The gap is paper thin, but would allow for sufficient air flow if the tank air flow is through the 510 connector. 

Despite its size, the Cloupor T6 is lighter than many other mods that use 18650 batteries. That's likely because of its aluminum construction ... regardless, it's appreciated. 

Have a glance at the picture at the right. That's the black unit (I have the blue one shown above) ... that OLED display is exactly as you see it ... very high contrast. It is easy to read and the information is useful. At the top is both a text display of remaining battery life and a graphical representation. Then the wattage setting, nice and large. Then a smaller line that displays coil resistance and last fire voltage. Then a thermometer display and interal temperature. The last line is a puff counter. Well, the puff counter I could do without. One aspect of this that you will really like: the resistance is accurate and to two signicant digits. The coil in the Nautilus is rated at 1.8 ohms, the Cloupor T6 reported it as 1.74 ohms. 

When you power up the Cloupor T6 is a neat dripping effect of binary numbers (zeros and ones) and "drip" off the screen and expose "Cloupor T6" ... a nice effect. No real functionality, but better than just a logo display.

The fire button at the top alternates with five quick clicks between power on/off. Pressing the + button will increase the wattage by 0.1 watts throughout the entire wattage range with each click. If you press and hold the + button, the increments are the same (0.1 watt increments), but the increases are accelerated. Pressing the - button does the same in reducing wattage from 100 watts to 7.0 watts in 0.1 watt increments.

If you press the + and - buttons simultaneously and hold, it will lock the adjustment buttons. Repeat to unlock. Cloupor calls this the Power Lock function.

I found this most comfortable using my thumb to fire. That would put the *mizer closest to you and provide an angle that helps get liquid to the coil wicking material. You can use the index or middle finger to fire too, it's really easy to do – but it does put the *mizer further away and require more of an angle to vape.

I had a freshly charged Efest 3500 mAh 60 amp battery with me when I picked this up. I wanted to get this thing in use right away. No tools needed – the battery cover is held by strong magnets. When you unpack the Cloupor T6, there is a sticker on it that indicates it is easier to slide the battery cover downwards to remove it ... it's a lot easier than trying to pry one edge of the cover. Sliding it makes this really easy to get to the battery ... but you won't need to do that much, other than to put in a fresh new battery. The Cloupor T6 has a micro USB port at the bottom ... connect a micro USB cable and charge (you can also use it for software updates and firm ware upgrades) and with the battery in place. And, ta-dah, it is pass-through charging too: vape while you charge. Cloupor T6 designed the cover well. There is no way of getting it reversed, the magnets have reverse polarity and the top can only be mounted one way to stay in place. There are also depressions in the body that match outset "pads" in the cover to help with alignment and guide the movement when you want to slide the cover off.

While you are looking at the picture at the right, note that there are 15 battery vent holes along the side. There are also six more at the bottom. 

All of the edges along the height of the Cloupor T6 are rounded making this very comfortable to hold. 

Cloupor have also announced availability of skins or wraps for the Cloupor T6. I am really looking forward to seeing these ... a neat way to personalize your vape at an inexpensive cost. 

Cloupor tripped a bit with its flawed launch of the T5. They more than make up for that with the Cloupor T6. This is one nice device. There are also other planned "options" including a wireless charging base, upgraded firmware, and more ...

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? Oh, without doubt. In the first day of using the Cloupor T6, battery charge load dropped by only 18% in more than 12 hours. A full day and I was still vaping. This is easily one of the longest lasting advanced personal vaporizers available. It's also one of the most convenient. Drop in a battery and vape. Charge it overnight and repeat the next day. The Cloupor T6 is thoughtfully planned, well engineered, well designed, and well built. Packaging is superb. I haven't tried the Cloupor software, but this is supposed to be upgradable at some point in the future ... along with pre-announced wireless charging. And, yes, without reservation: I highly recommend the Cloupor T6.

Update, February 3 2015: The Cloupor T6 has become my overall favorite device. I've owned two blue ones now, and just picked up my third one. This time I have the black unit. The Cloupor T6 is about the safest over-50-watt device on the market featuring a single 26650 battery. I am using the green 4200 mAh Efest battery and get between 24 and 35 hours of regular use on one single charge – the difference depends on the wattage and juice that I am using at any given time. It's a bit wider than most advanced personal vaporizers, but it is comfortable to use and hold. It's at the top of my list, and should be at the top of yours too. Thanks Canvape for introducing me to the Cloupor T6 and the latest Black unit I just started using.