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Evolv DNA vs YiHi SX

Before you continue reading, this is NOT a technology review. This is strictly looking at the feature sets and comparing those.


Evolv was first on the scene with its its DNA 20D chipset. The DNA 20D is a variation of the Kick, a device that fits into an 18000 series battery tube to provide variable wattage for mechanical mods.

Evolv followed that with the DNA 30D. The main difference between the DNA 20D and DNA 30D is the maximum wattage that each chipset is named after.

Other than that, the DNA chipsets feature:

  • Five clicks on, five clicks off (within seven seconds)
  • Steath mode, that is the ability to turn off the display while vaping
  • Right and left mode, that is the ability to flip the screen to enhance right handed and left handed use

Evolv also have a micro USB charge port that is optional for manufacturers.

There are three aspects of the Evolv DNA chipsets that are darned annoying: 

  1. Sleep mode. If you don't vape or press a button within 10 seconds, the chipset forces the unit into sleep mode. To exit sleep mode, you need to press a button. That will only exit sleep mode, though. If you are press the fire button to exit sleep mode, you have to press it a second time to vape.
  2. A "Power Locked Mode" is documented in the Evolv DNA specs. This doesn't work and other than powering down, there is no way to prevent mis-fires.
  3. The screen is fairly small (0.69") and is not designed to be flush to the case

YiHi SX300, SX330 and SX350

As I write this, the SX330 v3 and the SX350 has been announced, but not formally released.

The chipsets are like the Evolv line, in that they are progressively higher wattage capability. That is the case with the first two, the SX350 is supposed to also feature upgradeability. The only other difference is that the SX330 v1 has a minimum resistance of 0.3 ohms, the SX330 v2 has a minimum resistance of 0.2 ohms, and the SX330 v3 and SX350 is supposed to have a minimum resistance of 0.1 ohms.

The YiHi chipsets have common features that include:

  • Five clicks on, five clicks off
  • Lock mode (press the + and – simultaneously for five seconds to lock, again to unlock)
  • Larger screen at 0.96" (about 50% larger than the DNA)
  • Ability to turn on/off the touch sensor fire button

With the YiHi, there is no "Stealth Mode" and no "Right and Left Mode" like the DNA.


Overall, the mods that use these chipsets exist to provide us a tremendously flexible range of wattage and be able to use low resistance atomizers. In that, all of these perform to the task we expect. I have one device with a DNA 30D chipset, and it will be the last one. I find the double hit of a button to get out of sleep mode to be far more annoying that any other device I have ever used. I'm sticking with the YiHi chipset devices.

As I write this, the SX330 v3 and SX350 chipsets have not been released. However, I don't plan on getting one. The wattage range with the new chipset is 10 watts to 100 watts ... but 10 watts is more than I usually vape at. It is upgradeable, but I really don't need anything even as high as 50 watts.


  • Posted by Kevin W on February 3, 2015, 4:00 pm

    This is kind of ridiculous, as you've evidently only had experience with cloned DNA-30 chips. Genuine DNAs DON'T need to "wake up" with a click and they indeed DO have power lock. Please don't spread BS because you happened to buy a clone; instead, be productive and warn people that buying knock-offs will result in a poor experience.

    Andy>> Thanks Kevin for correcting me.

  • Posted by Adam R. on September 21, 2014, 8:37 am

    you are wrong about the sleep mode the real dna 30 chips dont require a click to get out of sleep.